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Theme of Breaking Dawn

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Twilight: Finding true love
New Moon: Losing true love
Eclipse: Choosing true love

So what will Breaking Dawn's theme be?
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Fighting for true love.

*cue creepy music*

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Post by thelaylz »

Sunrise Star wrote:Fighting for true love.

*cue creepy music*
haha, i agree with this. It could also be being in love, finally. All the books basically work up to bella becoming a vampire and being with edward....forever. It's always about love and it will continue, as much as people say some how jacob will ruin it again, not going to happen. This book will be about getting love forever along with fighting for it. Or that is just my opinion
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Post by JeVoisNotreEtoiles »

I think that you both are right. It will have everything to do with Bella proving her love to Edward.
I think that is what is has to be, and she will do it by giving the ultimate sacrifice, her life.
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Could be Dying for true love...?
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Post by thelaylz »

Paulie Allen Puffer wrote:Could be Dying for true love...?
dying in what sense though? if it's real death that would kind of be fighting for love, if it's dying for love in the she becomes a vampire then....i don't know I am in a ramble. yay :D
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dying fo love

Post by TIGER LILY »

Dying for true love! I love it.
Or True Love conquers all. <3
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Post by marissa »

I like the whole dying for true love, as well...Bella is giving up her human life to be with Edward, and is making the ultimate sacrifice for him. I guess it's kind of fitting that "dying for true love" be the final theme...*starts tearing up*
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I think the theme will be protecting true love.

I thought this before becausae there are still so many elements trying to seperate them. Maybe they have to fight even harder to protect it now.
Also, then with the missleproof car.... protecting.He's trying to protect her and maybe the book will be about protection.
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Post by edwardstruelove »

Dying to Live True Love
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