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Breaking Dawn Theme?

Post by marissa »

<strike>Well, I posted this in the Accident Prone forum, but since it relates to Breaking Dawn, I thought I would repost it here...I would like to talk about the theme of Breaking Dawn (I don't know if this is already a topic in another forum, and I apologize if this is the case)...Stephenie Meyer has said that the "themes" of the other books in the series are as follows:

Twilight: Finding true love
New Moon: Losing true love
Eclipse: Choosing true love

So what will Breaking Dawn's theme be?</strike>

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Post by missbrunettgirl »

<strike>does Bella know Edward sent Jacob an invitation? If not will she find out?</strike>

This can be discussed in the wedding topic
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Post by rapid_reader »

Can we have one for who's pov BD is going to be from? I know it's from Bella, but I heard that it's also from Jacob and that Stephenie said someone else was going to have their pov too.

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Post by malaz »

<strike>I would like to request a thread about the:

Breaking Dawn synopsis
]As August 13th draws closer, Bella is more sure than ever that she has made the right choice - forsaking her human life to spend eternity with Edward. But a new enemy stalks closer, seeking to tear Bella and Edward apart forever, one with ties to both Vampire and Werewolf.

Can the treaty between the two hold?

Or will the new threat force both sides to settle their blood feud once and for all?

Because when the dawn breaks an angel will fall.</strike>

Its a fake. Sorry.
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Post by malaz »

So i can't edit my post.
I am not sure if it's a 100% legitmate though. it looks like it. i am not sure. but it sounds interesting
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Edward and Seth's friendship

Post by janedoe »

<strike>I am really intrigued by the twist SM put in the first chapter that Edward and Seth have a friendship (who wouldn't after what they went through together?) I think this could play out in a lot of different ways...create a lot of plot twists...put a different "face" on the werewolf / vampire treaty. We already know it's affecting Leah. Why? And how is it impacting the other Cullens? Would it impact a werewolf / vampire conflict? Is this a topic worthy of its own thread?</strike>

THis can be discussed in the Edward Seth friend topic
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Post by doricangrl »

<strike>Maybe a topic should be the struggles and conflicts in BD. I mean in all three there have been a fight with other groups and also struggles within characters themselves.

i think that in the book will obviously be the conflict with werewolves and vampires but i also think Jacob's going to struggle with how to always be Bella's friend and how to get over his love for her...also i don't think Bella's struggle with herself about picking the right person is over yet..i doubt she'll pick Jacob but i think somethings going to happen to make her think about it alot again.</strike>

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Post by sarahlynn »

<strike>How about,

Romeo and Juliet are quoted a lot in the books. Do you think that Breaking Dawn involves the two true loves dying for each other? </strike>

THis can be discussed in teh theories thread

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Post by Hazel »

<strike>Can we have a topic discussing where we think Edward and Bella's honeymoon is going to be at? It says that edward is keeping the location a surprise to bella, so i'm interested as to why he would be so secretive.</strike>

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Post by JeVoisNotreEtoiles »

<strike>Would we be able to have a thread where we discuss the possibility of Vampire imprinting.
I think that this might be something that SM will talk about in BD.
And it is something that has occurred to me as very plausible.
Because every vampire has their soul mate: Carlisle & Esme, Rosalie & Emmett, Jasper & Alice, Edward & Bella.
Perhaps it is only something that "humanized" vampires feel. But I think really a distinct possibility. That love at first sight instinct seems quite apparent with these vampires.
Could this be a possible thread please?</strike>

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