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A bunch of questions

Post by earendil367 »

I am wondering about Jacob and Edward and possible outcomes for the final book. I am really interested in the contrast between werewolf and vampire.

The vampire and werewolf represent the two extremes of human nature- the soul and the body. They are like "Fire and Ice."

The vampire is cold like ice, hard as granite, and frozen for all of eternity. They also only need to survive on blood. Everything about them is spotless. Their voice is like honey and velvet, their body is glorious to look at, their step is graceful, and they shine like diamonds.

On contrary, the werewolf is hot like fire, soft to touch, and because they still contain a human body, they are not frozen in time. Even as they don't age, they still change from animal to human, and when they do give up the spirit wolf, they age. Everything about them represents the earth. Their animal fur is reds, browns, grays, and blacks. Their human voice is kind of husky and crude in language. They still eat human food.

I was looking up blood in my symbol dictionary and blood can often be interchangeable with wine. It makes me think of the communion ritual in which the host (the wafer) represents the body while the wine represents the blood (aka- the soul).

Based on all this information, I am wondering whether Bella will stay with Edward or will Jacob come back and cause her to relapse in her decision? Is it right for Bella to chose one over the other? Can she only have one? Will the werewolves and vampires ever get along? Is it even possible? And based on this question, will Bella stay mortal? It seems like Bella's charm comes from her being human? Is it right for her to choice either body or soul?
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Post by debussygirl »

I think there should be a discussion on first if Bella will become a vampire (all prejudices put aside, and just if it will happen, not if they want it to happen). Also, one on if Bella should become a vampire, discussing pros and cons to each choice.
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Post by victorian_ravenblack »

we really need a Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day Discussion to go again.
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Post by xoverdramaticox »

Sorry, this isn't to request a topic, but I did have a question about the topics. Are you taking off all the prediction blogs in a week, like "Jacob - Still Running" & "The Wedding" and such, or are you just taking off the "Breaking Dawn Theories" blog?
Please tell me just the one Theories blog.<3
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Excerpt from 1st chapter

Post by LaBellaVita48 »

Anyone know if there is a thread for a discussion on the excerpt of chapter 1 published in Entertainment Weekly? There is a link posted on Stephenie's website, and I think it would be great to get a discussion going on what has been revealed.,,20203238,00.html
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Post by Hazel Wish »

How about, for fun, "The worst ways to end Breaking Dawn."
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