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Post by *Obsessed* »

Theory: Bella will join the Vulturi for awhile after being turned then return to Edward.

Slam Line: Tanya and Edward realize that they are soulmates and thus Bella is stuck with Jacob...

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Post by Lover »

Theory: That Jacob will die ( even thoug I hope I'm notright- I just have astrange feeling about it)

Line: Bella should dump Edward, and fall in love with ME! Because Bella is my Edward....

( This is the best I could come up with O.o)
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Post by Lomesir22 »

Theory: Someone disturbs the wedding and causes a problem in some way.

Loser line: I wish Edward had run off as soon as the plane doors opened in New Moon. Jacob is so much better for Bella.
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Post by SparklePixie »

Alice will force a bridal on a reluctant Bella.

slam line: Bella lives in a dream world and Edward is her pillow.

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theory bet

Post by sunnyside »

theory: i think that bella will become a vampire and that her strength of mind will be her power and play some sort of significance and that she will not like blood and there will be some kind of alliance between the vampires and werewolves and that jacob will imprint on someone.

losing line: bella will not become a vampire.

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Post by The Lion Is An Angel »

Alright... I'm game.

Bet:Bella is not affected by blood when she turns into a vampire. She does not like blood. Human or animal.

Oooh, that last line's probably going to cost me.

Slam Line:Sparkling vampires are so gay. And Jacob Black should not go die in a ditch in I always say he should.
Oh, dear God, I had chill sweats writing this. And I'm in a 9o degree room. and I feel like gaging,
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Post by Ana Cristina »

My Theory: Jacob and Leah will imprint on each other.

Slam Line: The Twilight Saga is mindless drivel that only low-life fan-girls read.

(Just writing that slam line really, really hurt so I truly hope that my theory isn't proven wrong!)

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Post by CliffDiver10 »

Theory: Jacob will imprint on Jane!
Reason: Their smiles seem to be a major part of both their characters, so why not? :)

Slam line: And so the lion fell in love with the pooch...

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Post by Emily Fay »

Theory: Edward will try to turn Bella into a vampire while they are being "intimate" but he will not be able to control himself. Thus, killing Bella.

Slam Line: Twilight is possibly the most boring book ever written and the idea that fan girls gush over fictional characters is absolutely ludicrous.

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Post by MariposaAlice »

Theory: I believe that once Bella gets turned into a vampire (by Edward, on her wedding night, with nothing that had gone wrong), Jacob will imprint. Who will he imprint on? On Bella - as a vampire. My basis for this is that both Bella and Jacob have both said that she will be a completely different person. Bella is very insistant on that she won't be like herself, and that's why I think Jacob will imprint on her. But! She won't end up with him, because her love is only Edward (which goes against the whole Werewolf-imprint-why not?-thing).

Losing line: Jacob and Edward should not be with Bella because she's a whining brat who just messes everyone's lives up.


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