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Post by CrookedSpunk »

Theory: Jacob will try to kill Bella, but doesn't.

Slamline: Bella woke up and realized it was all a dream. Then she went to her new high school and fell in love with Mike Newton.

( :( Ouch. That would suck.)
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Breaking Dawn

Post by Saiyachick »

Theory: I believe that the last chapter will be in Jacob's point of view watching a vampire Bella, but he is not sad. He has already imprinted, and some time would have already passed. He still watches he from afar to make sure she is safe, enemy or not. That will tie the ribbon on the saga.

Slam line: Edward has had some dirty liaisons in the past with the ever so promiscuous Tanya.

Ew'can't believe I typed that.
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Post by EmmaBiteMe »

Bella is going to do something stupit

slam line

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Post by Sugar »

Theory: Jacob will finally imprint but it will be with a vampire!

Loser Line: Edward is King and I'm just a silly, dumb fangirl for liking Jacob so much.

...that was really painful :(
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Post by charlotte_<3s_edward »

Theory: The wedding will be delayed because Jacob returns from wherever he ran away to in order to prevent Edward from changing Bella into a vampire. Jacob riles up other werewolves and threatens to start a war with the vampires if Edward bites Bella. The Volturi happens to arrive around the same time, so now Edward and Bella must deal not only with the threat of a werewolf vs vampire war if Edward does bite Bella, they must deal with a Cullen vs Volturi war if Edward doesn't bite Bella.

...and that's as much as i've got....

losing line: Jacob is mature and non-aggresive and numero uno in the entire world and deserves Bella's love, so repulsive, manipulative, controlling Edward should just run away to Antarctica and stuff his face full of penguins and never come back.

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Post by Cocoa »

Theory: Emmett wins the bet.

Losing line: Aro is the hottest vampire alive!
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Post by misfit »

Seeing how SM gives us nothing but suspense when it comes to endings. Here is my theory.

Theory: The Volturi will battle with the Cullens I think despite Edwards aversion to changing Bella they are going to do it anyways in preparation to defend against them. The problem is that it will also piss off the Pack and the Cullens may end up fighting a two front war.

Slam Line: Love sucks it doesn't exist and you all need to grow up!

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Post by core ardendo »

Since the boards don't have much time left, I figured I'd get my theory in before the hiatus, even if it's totally crack and will (and probably should) be totally wrong.

Theory: Bella is (VERY!) distantly related to Taha Aki on Charlie's side. Although she's not werewolf enough to phase, block Alice's visions or prevent her from becoming a vampire (if having werewolf blood, even if it's just a tiny bit, in any way prevents that, has SM ever said?), she IS werewolf enough it will effect the sort of vampire she becomes. Since one of the Quileute pack's strongest instincts is being protectors, this may also be Bella's strongest instinct as a vampire and may reflect in her ("formidable", as Aro might say) gift if she has one and she probably will. Strong enough to protect everyone she loves.

Line of Slam: The Twilight story is just a cheap, watered-down knock-off of the soapy "Roswell" tv series. SM just switched out absurdly attractive, dopey, tweeny aliens for absurdly attractive, dopey (and sparkly), tweeny vampires.
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Post by IntoxicatedByHim »

Theory: Tanya, along with the rest of the Denali clan, will attend the wedding and flirt with Edward. Of course, Bella will be insanely jeleous.

Slam Line: Bella needs to wake up and realize that a) Edward Cullen is a depressed freak who needs to go kill himself and b) she's been in love with Mike Newton, the perfect man on earth, ever since she met him.

I'm really going to kick myself if I'm wrong.
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Post by brunetterebel010 »

Okay first can I just ask, why are people theorizing things that Stephenie has TOLD us are IMPOSSILE and won't happen. Are we calling her a liar??? It seems like a sure way to lost a bet to go against the little definite information an author has given you. But I've seen several.

And it also seems like alot of "slam lines" are more like a second theory than an actual slam line. so did I misunderstand how those are supposed to work?

Theory: Basically Edward and Bella get married but between the wedding and the end of the book a lot of things happen to keep Bella human, so its further into the story before we see her changed and learn her abilities as a vampire. But she WILL be changed, because we are all dying of curiosity about how she handles it. with her rather unique case. and Jacob (hopefully) imprints/find someone else, because I don't want him to be sad.

SLAM LINE: *cringes in preparation for this*
Jasper is cruel and evil, and shouldn't even be with the Cullen's because he doesn't even care, and he doesn't deserve Alice (who by the way is annoying and whiny) and Leah is the best character in the Twilight universe we should all strive to be like her (or Lauren)*wipes tears of pain from eyes* END SLAM LINE
ouch, going to go recover from that
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