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Post by Love&MythicalCreature »

Theory: The Denali coven will make an appearance, as well as someone from the Volturi. Also, Jacob will become more of a leader than Sam is for the werewolves at some point, and will, at least briefly, fill his role as "Chief Jacob".

Reason: The Volturi are like a deadline, something to force Edward's hand to change Bella, so at least one of them will feel the need to stop by. The Denali coven's name seems to appear more than neccessary, seeing as they haven't been really central to the plots of the previous books thus far; there has to be a reason for that. And why would it be brought to Bella's attention that Jacob could be a Chief for no reason at all?

Losing Line: Seth is nothing more than a fickle little boy that runs around helping the enemy in life-or-death situations. He is just a side character with no real substance and a bad attitude. I didn't know such immaturity could even exist in good literature...

*sigh* I love Seth...
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Post by Blood Tastes Sadness »

My theory is: Tanya shows up somewhere along the story and Jacob imprints on someone during his running spree. Although Bella is changed, we don't get to see how she is as a vampire, because her transformation happens at the very end of the book.

Losing line: Jacob Black is oh-so-yummy... you&me, anytime, anywhere, Jake.
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Post by »

Theory: Jacob imprints on a Tanya family member

*So, yeah it could happen. In one of SM's interviews she could not comment on rather it was possible for a werewolf to imprint on a vampire*

Slam line: Edward Cullen is the most fowlest, selfish, unloyal, sinister, smelly, rotten, vile, hideous, [insert negative word here], fictional character to ever set foot onto the pages of Twilight.
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Post by mlola619 » wrote:Theory: Jacob imprints on a Tanya family member

*So, yeah it could happen. In one of SM's interviews she could not comment on rather it was possible for a werewolf to imprint on a vampire*

Slam line: Edward Cullen is the most fowlest, selfish, unloyal, sinister, smelly, rotten, vile, hideous, [insert negative word here], fictional character to ever set foot onto the pages of Twilight.

:shock: !! SM speechless in an interview!!?!?!? where was it!? is there a link!?
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Post by Aymzie »

Theory: Bella is changed and then finds Jacob, who has gone missing. When Jake sees vampire!Bella, he is almost led to suicide, until he imprints of the girl he bought the sleeping pills on. See, he was planning to o'd big time, then his life turned around...

Slam Line: Mike should have become a vampire hunter, killed Edward quickly, and tortured Jasper before destroying him painfully, and then Alice got so mad she tried to kill him, but he ended up turning into a vampire and Bella falls in love with Mike because he's even more dazzling than Edward...

Ow. I will kill someone if that happens...
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Post by jaspercookie »

Okay, one week of torture and humiliation doesn't sound so bad...

My AMAZING Theory: Tanya and the Denali clan will be part of the problem in Breaking Dawn (i.e. the bad guys) (not being too specific, since my slam line is going to seriously hurt).

Slam Line of Pure Torture: Jasper doesn't love Alice, and this whole time he's been with Gianna from the Volturi and, sometimes, Jane, and he deserves to die a slow painful death at the hands of the angry Cullens while Alice weeps silently in a corner.

i'm going to go cry now, and apologize profusely to my shrine of Jasper in my closet.
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Post by BoysfromBooks »

thEORY: edward will not be the one to bite/change bella into a vampire, but she WILL get changed!

lOSiNG liNE: jacob black is a whiny little teenager with uncontrollable emotions. edward cullen is an over-dramatic guy with no self control. which is why everyone knows bella is destined to end up with mike newton!

nooooo! that hurt :(
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Post by Bri53 »

Theory: Bella will become a vampire. The Volturi will try to get Bella for their guard. They will fail. Jacob will step up and become Alpha. He will also move on and start to find love. Bella and Edward will live happily ever after.

Loser line: Eric Yorkie is the sexist man alive!
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Post by Liese »

Theory: The Alaskan vampires come down to Forks, because A) they are curious and B) One (I forget her name) like Laurent, but then the werewolves killed him so she is set for a sort of vengence. Any of them can bite Bella without breaking the treaty (I'm kind of paranoid about the treaty,) because they are not Cullens. Jacob will imprint on one of them (the Alaskan), so everything becomes peachy (Laurent was a jerk, anway.) So right when we think it is all good there, the Volturi make a little transatlantic visit (do you think they swim, have a private jet, or *shudder* imagine riding an airplane with them,) and start threatening Bella again. The werewolves freak them out, because they are natural enemies. Epic battle of sorts and some how it comes to Bella defending Jacob, so she jumps in the way (typical Bella move) and becomes severely injured. Now is the time for Edward to bite her. She is dying and he is walking toward her. She starts crying because, honestly, she is not ready. How can one ever be ready? But at this point, Edward realizes that biting her is the only way to save her. Is the life as a vampire really a life at all? He has a bunch of internal conflict, but in the end decides he can't go on without her and know she will understand, someday. Oh yeah, there is a wedding somewhere in there.

To Sum it Up (because I got carried away): Bella will be bitten by Edward because it is a life/death situation. Jacob will imprint on a vampire or not at all (remember how sometimes it took three generations to find the "right" one.) One of the werewolves will die.

Losing Line: I would rather set my arm on fire and eat a baby than be with Edward Cullen.
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Post by Love-At-First-Bite »

Theory: The Volturi will kidnap Bella and change her into a vampire. She will become an interesting kind of vampire. The Cullens would come after her, and then find out what they did to Bella. The Volturi will force Bella to make a tough decision, which could mean fighting against the Cullens.

Slam Line: BELLA WILL SLIP WHEN SHE BECOMES A VAMPIRE AND LURE VULNERABLE MIKE NEWTON TO HIS DOOM, FOR HE WILL BE HER MIDNIGHT SNACK BEFORE HE EVEN REALIZES IT. Poor Mike. But if Bella managed to snag her own vampire sweetheart, why shouldn't you have a chance, right? Nope. At least not with Newborn Bella. :lol:
Chela ;)

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