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Post by moetastic »

this is going to hurt me soooo much just saying theory

Theory: Voultori show up at the wedding and crasj the party charlie gets angry and pulls out a gun shoots one of the volturi when said person doesnt die the truth is out and suddenly there ar lots of objections :oops:

Slam Line: i hate twilight and all it stands for and i like old vampires better if i happento see edward i will pull out the stake , holy water, and silvercross and try to kill him

srry edward i love you best :D
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Post by moetastic »

Slam Line: Edward is gay, Jacob is gay and they will get together and totaly forget about bella when she dies because of their gay love. *shivers* im srry everyone, so so sorry
that is one of the worst/best slam lines ever i would hate to lose that one :shock:
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Post by Elizabethann007 »

Actual Theory: After reading some of your guys ideas I have formulated my own...
The wedding will be interrupted and Bella will be stolen. Jacob and some of the other werewolves will be invited which will "cloud" Alice's vision. Someone from the Volturi will be their and will force those from La Push and the Cullens to unite to save Bella. During this she will be changed but not by Edward by someone eles(I'm going to leave that up in the air.)
The last novel will end with Bella & Edward happily ever after.

Slam Line: Edward is repulsive and Jacob is the most annoying character ever created. The books are painful to get through.

Good luck everyone, I'm sure it'll be bits and pieces of everyones theories.
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Post by JulesCullen »

I've refrained from writing this for SOOOO long now... but time is running out. I guess I just have to suck it up and write my line of loserness.

Theory: Jacob will run into the Denali clan. Irina will be very angry at him. Bella, Edward, and the pack have to go save him. Oh yeah, and at some point, the Volturi comes over to check on Bella, who is still a human. Bella won't be changed until near the end of the book.

Line of the LOSER: Edward is a creepy 100+ virgin vampire who likes girls a fraction of his age. Bella is just a phase for him- because he's a pedophile. Bella needs to go hook up with a human her age: Mike Newton. He's her soul mate.

I think I'm going to be sick...... I better leave now....
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Post by ibelievealice »

1. Bella's special "powers" will bring Jane to her knees! 8)

2. I was wrong so: Edward is nothing to me, Alice is boring, and Jane is who I want to be when I grow up, oh, and Breaking Dawn sucks!! :wink: :shock:
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Post by bella24681 »

Theory: There won't be a "perfect wedding" Bella and Edward will elope.

Losing Line: Edward and Bella are not soul mates. The twilight series is a joke for hormonal teenagers who have no life. Bella should run off with Jacob beccause Edwards an overprotective 100 year old virgin.

^I hated writing that^

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Post by twichick9 »

Theory: Alec's power is the ability to manipulate the mind and control the body, basically it is mind control but much more powerful.

Losing Line: The twilight saga are very dumb books that are made for hormonal fan girl teens, and in the last book Edward will die a slow painful death.
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Post by faerie_kitten »

ok so my brain is in melt down mode cos of, well lots of stuff so this is prob going to suck.

theory: edward and bella get married without any problems but alice goes overboard with the wedding!!! (just cos i really want that to happen)
and i think that the epilouge is going to show the whole of the cullens returning to forks 70 years or so down the line and jacob is still there leading the pack of wolves with his newly found imprintee person :) including vampire bella obviously

losing line: never again will i read these books!!! and no one else should either

(ok, thats really bad for me cos i read the first ones about 10 times each in the first two weeks of getting them. def could not never read them again)
Why, oh why? I got to wait until August 6th for Breaking Dawn :( Grrrrrrrrrr
But when I get it, it will be read even if i i have to stay up all night :)
Go Team Edward!!!!
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Post by moetastic »

ok i got this idea from reading some1's else.....
since SM said jake was bella's sun and the name is Breaking Dawn does that mean jake is comming back and he will enter bella's heart again somehow???

slam line: uhmmmm edward you suck!!!! not just blood either......jake is a nasty smelly DOG and Mike should be veryones "idol" man.....
^man i know thats not as bad as some of yours but ouch^
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Post by yinyang1310 »

I wanted to wait until I got a decent theory... but the forums are closing soon so its now or never!

Theory 1 -Alecs power will be in some way opposite to Jane's (eg Twins= ying yang) And will most likely be to create the illusion of euphoria/love/bliss

Slam Line: Alice is a annoying little brat


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