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What Line should we use as our winning line??

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Theory Bet

Post by Be My Escape »

It's back by popular demand the Theory Bet thread. SO here are the rules

1. Choose your one-ONE-favorite theory for what you think might happen in Breaking Dawn. (I really would prefer that you stick to one [see my post at the very bottom of this page] theory. If you must do more than one, you submit them as one, so if you're right about everything but one sentence, you still lost the bet, okay? It's a harsh world, folks)

2. Come up with a line that completely goes against everything you believe in about the series. Don't be afraid to really slam yourself.

3. Read Breaking Dawn. If your theory is proven wrong, at the end of every post in the Breaking Dawn forum for a week afterwards, you have to put that line (preferrably colored so that everyone knows it's not part of the rest of the post).
Note that you put the line at the end of every post here, and on spoilery threads, NOT in your sig. People could get really spoiled if they know our theories and see that they were wrong.

4. If your theory is not proven either way, you're off the hook. Also if you feel that it could be feasably argued your way. But seriously, enter the game with the complete intention to be a good sport if you lose, and face up to putting that line up for the whole board to see.

5. If your theory is right, you get to put a line like "I predicted Breaking Dawn right and all I got was this lousy line." for a week. See Poll.

6. We want to remind everyone that this should be done in all fun. I want to say that I won't be reaaaaally annoying about reinforcing the bets-I rely on anyone who enters to follow through. If you notice that someone's theory is wrong or right and you want to inform them (nudge them into paying up) be absolutely sure that they have read the book first. And don't be mean about it.

7. Last but not least-there will be no bashing of other people's theories on this thread, no matter how whacky they may be. If I hear anything besides "Wow, what a great theory!" from anyone, the mods will lock this thread. People are sensitive about their pet theories.

Please make your theories specific for example if your theory is that Bella becomes a vampire you need to say how (under what circumstances) this happens. Otherwise you have a fifty/fifty chance of being right and let's face it those are pretty good odds.

Also Sprtygal, Love2Dream, and Nisaanmama will be helping keep this thread in order so if they tell you to stay on topic listen to them. Thanks!!!

I can't wait to see everyone's theories and their losing lines!!!
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Post by LadyGuenwyvar »

Bella goes to a club in Seattle and becomes pregnant with Edward's vampire baby?!

Real Theory: Jacob dies at the hands of the Denali clan

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Post by ashlee_cullen »

Bella gets stolen by Felix of the Volturi and he changes her and then Edward comes to the rescue and kills Felix....or not. you know.whatever.

Nah. I don't want that to happen but something is bound to go wrong with this whole vision i have of Edward changing her and all.
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Post by xmakeascene »

I think that Bella will be REALLY dieing somehow, probably from another vampire (Alec anyone?), therefore "righting" Edward changing her.

Slam line: Edward deserves to die a slow, most painful death and Jacob should become king of the universe.

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Post by o0Vampiresque~Ziren0o »

Jacob will imprint on a vampire, Bella will get ubber jealous, and then there will be a Romeo/Juliet type war...and then his vampire imprinted love will turn out to be Billy Black and Tanya's secret love child...dun dun dun: Jake's half sister. :shock:

Ook, not reallyyy. The best thing Ive been able to come up with, is that Bella will probably be like blood-intolerant when shes changed into a vampire. Basing it on her whole being aversive to blood when shes human. :mrgreen:

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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Im feeling very smart, but very dumb.

Smart because I went through BDT4 & 5 for an hour collecting my theories & saving them in a PM before it was closed.

Dumb because this theory goes against everyone else, but has so much evidence.

*shakes head, Im ready for my losing line*

I think Leah & Jacob will end up together.

Like he will return to the reservation broken [like Bella was when Edward left, just not as bad] & look for someone to pick up the pieces, Leah.

Leah, I think, likes Jacob. Why did she hate Bella so much without knowing her? Why did she want Jacob to get over her so quickly?

Their fighting is just a distraction for her feelings because she knows if shes thinking about it, the pack would find out.

In the Jacob-Leah to Bella-Jacob analogy this is how it plays out [just in case the above doesnt make sense]

In Jacob-Leah, Jacob is Bella, the one who got hurt. Bella is Edward, the one who left. Leah is Jacob, the one who was there afterwards .
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Post by Cheeky »

Thery: Bella, despite all the blatant foreshadowing in the previous books, will not become a vampire.

Slam line: Jacob is an obnoxious, rude, immature, stupid, useless character and the only reason Bella kissed him was because he blackmailed her. :roll:
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Post by mizscience »

Alt-universe: Jakob gets Bella after whining his way into her heart and they plot to kill Edward, only to be thwarted by the Volturi.

My theory: Something bad is going to happen either during or right before Bella and Edward's wedding that prevents it from occuring...
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Post by Bloodlust »

Theory: In his long absense that will last up until somewhere in the middle of the book, Jacob will find love somewhere far away, with a very unexpected person, come back, and be not so hung up on Bella.

Losing Line: Love is a completely nonexistent concept that Edward Cullen is completely fooling himself[and us] into believing exists. He needs to give up on it [and Bella] and let the Volturi finish the job that HE started.
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Post by bananas_4_edward »

Theory: The first word out of Bella's mouth after she is changed is "Edward".

Losing Line: Bella is really in a Coma in Phoenix and her relationship with Edward and the Cullens was all a dream and Jacob is really her psychotic boyfriend who put in her in said coma. So her imaginary Edward was her escape from psychotic Jacob...
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