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Post by twilightfan90 »

theory: edward will almost kill bella during the honeymoon and then he'll turn her into a vampire, and jake will be heartbroken and eventually imprint on someone yet to be revealed in the books.

losing line: im not jealous of bella and i never was... she can keep edward, her mercedes s600 guard, her acceptance into Dartmouth and her shiny black credit card.... i could care less. *sigh* :roll:
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Post by LindsAy »

Theory: Bella will be jealous of the girl Jake imprints on.

Loser line: I fantasize nightly about swimming in a vat of Eric Yorkies hair grease. Nude.:twisted:

Same line as last year since I didn't lose and didn't have to use it.
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Post by unquenchable_thirst34 »

Theory: That Charlie will find out about the whole vampire thing, but by the time that happens, it will be too late because Bella needs to be chnaged because of an injury, or she's already been bitten.

Slam line: Who needs true love when you can have a pulse? (SO not my philosophy... :( )
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Post by starbreaker »

My Theory: The Preface is talking about Edward just about to bite Bella & turn her into a vampire. :twisted:

Line of Loserness: Edward, Alice, and every other imaginable vampire all think I smell like wet dog, and they look down upon my stupidosity. They would eat me just because it would rid the world of my ugliness, and even then they'd have to barf me up because I would taste like spoiled milk.

Urgh, I don't know whether to be happy to get that out of my system, or upset that I may just have to carry that around with me for a week. :?
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Post by ec4ever »

Theory: The Volturi come to check on Bella. They see the werewolves and a battle breaks loose. the Cullens fight alongside the werewolves.

Slam: Jacob kills Edward. Bella, in a rage, kills all of the Cullens and werewolves. Twilight sucks.

That was so hard to do! =[
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Post by overajump »

THEORY I: Half of the book will be in Jacob's perspective. Jacob will come to the wedding and see Bella and Edward and when they ask if anybody thin's otherwise, Ithinkthat he will speak up. And kiss Bella infront of everyone, and Edward isn't suprised because...well, he could hear Jake's thoughts a second before he can think them up.

THEORY II: Edward changes Bella(with complications interupted) and then the wolfpack and the cullens fight because they broke the treaty(remember Jake told Bella that the treaty isn't jsut there, it's all over), so because of the ighting, Jacob comes back and see's that Edward changed Bella and attacks Edward. Jacob dies(hopefully) or just gets hurt(milder...)and Bella still has a bit of human instinct left in her and she's saddened that he's hurt. Or soemthing like that...

LOSERNESS:The Twilight series is a complete waste of time, I could be sitting around doing nothing instead of reading about a stupid, ugly vampire and a stupid little girl. I do find Jake rather dreamy though...

are you happy?*sigh* :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by CéliAmbre »

I love reading those theories :D and I love writing them too.

But serisously guys(girls), how many of you actually think your theorie is going to happen? And how many of you just invernt theories and loser lines for the sake of having fun with it? I'm definetly for the second one :wink:
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Post by Juliet »

Theory: Something will go wrong at either the wedding or the honeymoon and Bella won't be changed unti later (if at all) in the book.

Loser Line: Who would choose Edward or Jacob when you have the angelic, perfect, magnificent......MIKE NEWTON. Bella really is a fool.
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Post by edward_is_better_ »

Theory:a few days before the wedding the volturi come and fight with the Cullens.Everyone ends up okay,but Caius actually comes there.He tries to kill Bella but he fails because the Cullens got Bella back.All the volturi stay alive but hold a vendetta.On the day of the wedding Jacob comes back with the girl he imprints on in Canada.Bella ends up a little jealous but the wedding goes off without a hitch.They go on the honeymoon and try.Edward transforms Bella when they get back from the honeymoon so all the Cullens are there.They speed up three days and tell us Bella's powers.

losing line:Edward,Bella,Alice,vampires,werewolves,faeries,and everything in the Twilight universe doesn't exist and you're just insane to believe they do.You are just insane,bipolar,and need to be in a mental hospital.And even if they all existed you'd just be one of those people that dont matter and are not special enough at all to be a vampire.

*wince*ouch that really hurt.that goes against my religion and everything I believe in.that just makes me really depressed.
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Post by MegFairy »

Theory: Jacob will take over the Alpha position in the pack.

Loser Line: I loath Jake. He deserves everything that happened to him at the end of Eclipse; heartbreak and all. "Love you more"...psh! What a weakling.

:cry: wow, tears actually fell just then.
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