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Post by Lara »

Emmett decides he's had enough of Rosalie's diva attitude and goes for a nice girl like Jane'

Real Theory: Emmett and Felix have a throw down and Emmett proves that grisly bears really are the breakfast of champions.

Slam Line: Edward is prissier than a drag queen, Bella is whinier than a toddler, Jake is secretly on steroids and Mike just won the lottery and now owns Forks.
"If we could bottle your luck, we'd have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands." ~ Edward Cullen

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Post by Visitor »

Theory: Edward and Bella will honeymoon in the sun.

Losing Line: I see nothing at all wrong with a 107 year old virginal vampire losing his soul mate to a 16 year old boy. I mean really Edward . . . what's another 100 years?
"Why did she have to come here? Why did she have to exist? Why did she have to ruin the little peace I had in this non-life of mine? Why had this aggravating human ever been born? She would ruin me."
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Post by love2dream »

Just another friendly reminder. (Because we all know not everyone is going to go back and read the previous 15 pages!)

Pretty good bets out there. Some of the best ones have been just one sentence. One sentence can say a lot! Consider that lexiconers.

My theory: Trouble begins when Edward and Bella are on their honeymoon.

Losing Line: I wasted countless hours reading these books and now I'm forced to give up one Saturday of the month to a bunch of crazy ladies who talk and giggle about anything and everything! I need those Saturdays to scrub bathrooms and do the laundry!

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ok, here i go...

Post by shadow13 »

Theory:Someone important is gunna die.
Reason: it ALWAYS happens that way. :x always.

punishment line: LYK OMG!! BellaXvictoria all the way!!

gawd, i hope my prediction comes true, except not jacob, DON"T DIE JAKE! I LOVE YOU!! :D

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i'm betting...

Post by Victoriaoke »

Theory: The Volturi will try to kill Bella, and they will fail.

Losing Line: The best part of Stephenie Meyer's writing is her syntax- the characters are unbearable!
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Post by .:Fire&Ice:. »

Theory: Seth goes to the wedding and then both Leah and Seth are werewolves Leah asks (sarcastically) how the wedding went. Seth automatically starts to think about it and Jacob in werewolf form sees the wedding and does somethimg REALY BAD! :twisted:

Jacob's back was facing me. His shoulders heaving as he took several audible groans. He sounded more feral then I could have ever imagined.
The realization struck me. Sliding down my throat and into my stomach like a vat of melted ice. For the first time in my life, I realized I was truly scared of him.

"Jacob....What did you do to Edward?"

Slam line: Edward tries to change Bella but kills her then he kills himself. Seth finds them both dead and turns werewolf to run fior help. Jacob sees Bella dead in Seths mind and kills hmself. So, basically they all die. :cry:
"Breakfast time," he said eventually, casually - to prove, I'm sure, that he remembered all my human frailties.
So I clutched my throat with both hands and stared a him with wide eyes. Shock crossed his face.
"Kidding!" I snickered. "And you said I couldn't act!"
He frowned in disgust. "That wasn't funny."

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Post by llovetwilight »

Theory- *looks around to make sure the Volturi Queen isn't listening* :shock: - Bella is going to kick some Volturi behind.

Loser Line- Jacob Black is my hero
I'm really glad Edward didn't kill you. Everything's so much more fun with you around."- Emmett to Bella, EC

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Post by EB fanatic »

this is awesome.

theory - alec's power will cause great destruction in breaking dawn

losing line - foa a surprise, at the wedding, alice will make bella and edward wear afros will they are reciting their vows to eachi other

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Post by LittleLizLovesTwilight »

My Theory: Sam is killed by one of the Cullens, Jacob becomes the Alpha.

Loser Line: I can not stand Edward Cullen and I would never ever want to know anybody like him... also, Silver Volvo's are stupid.

"Let your mind start to journey to a strange new world, leave all the thoughts of the life you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be; only then will you belong to me."
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Post by Secretwilight »

Okay, so I know this isn't possible...BUT what if Edward could become human again and they have a baby girl together...and then Jacob 'imprints' on their baby?!?

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