The Wedding

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The Wedding

Post by Be My Escape »

So it is only days away in the first chapter who is going to attend the wedding? Who will be a part of the wedding party (maid of honor, best man)? Do you find it odd that Esme and Renee have become close through planning the wedding?
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Post by Smiley383 »

I found it odd that Esme, and Renee are getting the good sides of eachother, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy in side thinking about them being friends. Of course Alice will be the Maid-of-Honor, and I think Angela, and maybe Rosalie will be her bridesmaids. Groomsmen with be Emmett, and Jasper, and who knows about the Best Man... We know Sam and his mom will be at the wedding and mainly everyone in Forks, but I do have the feeling Jacob MIGHT show up. I can just picture the vows taking place and the preacher saying, "Does anyone object?" and Jacob coming in the chapel. Wow, that scares me. I am looking forward to Charlie's reaction to walking Bella down the aisle. That will be interesting...
Ughh. Jacob you really annoy me. Hehe, I love Edward as always :]]
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Post by Ana Cristina »

I think a lot of Bella's school friends will attend, most out of curiosity and some for solidarity, like Angela and maybe even Jessica. As for the wedding court, I think Alice has to be the maid of honor. I mean, she is making the dress and all. But seriously, Bella had an instant connection with her and I just think Alice would be the perfect MOH (sorry, just saw the new Patrick Dempsey movie :P and that apparently is how you refer to it). As for best man, hmm... Maybe Edward will pick Carlisle. He's close to his whole family, but he has a special relationship with him. I don't know, then again, he is his "father," so maybe he'll pick Emmett or Jasper. That's a toss-up. Can there be two?
As for Esme and Renee, I'm not shocked that they're getting along. They have a common love - that of Bella, and that was all they needed to connect. Plus Esme is so nurturing and Renee, despite her childlike tendencies, is good at reading people. I'm sure she saw what a good person Esme is and couldn't help but feel drawn towards her.
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Post by artisticlicence »

its so exciting!! i think that its awsome that esme and renee get on well together, maybe a mutual love for others? because renee did love bella, just not in such a visible way as esme. i think that meybe bella will have Alice as her MOH as they are closer than her and rosalie, however, she could choose angela (her closest human friend) ... :lol:
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Post by ~Angie~ »

Bella already asked Alice to be the maid of honor, and I think that is the perfect role for her in the wedding party since she is so close with Bella. I could see one of Edward's brothers, or maybe even Carlisle, being the best man. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

I think that it is great that Renee is so happy for Bella and her decision to get married. I think that it is even better that Esme and she are getting along so well. I am not at all surprised that they are getting along well because Esme is such a kind and warm hearted lady...she is so loving and she considers Bella her daughter already. I just hope that nothing happens that would make the wedding not happen...I just have a fear that something will happen with the wedding and I hope that it doesn't. I guess I think of the worse before I consider the good...I am just dying to get the book. Can August 2 come any faster?!?!?
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Post by The Weasel »

So, uh, since Esme and Renee are friends that means Esme is going to have to fake her death eventually too, yes? Because Renee would start to wonder why she never aged. While I think it was obvious they would end up friends (because Esme is so nice and Renee would want to help out with her only daughter's wedding) I think it was a bad idea.

Same with the Alice/Charlie relationship. All of the Cullens are going to have to eventually disappear. I doubt they can pull off a mass death, it was easier when it was just Bella pretending to be dead. I'm so conflicted now.
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Post by bananas_4_edward »

Oh yeah! Alice and Charlie...
The Cullens sure have gotten themselves into a ditch when it comes to these issues.
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Post by Bloodlust »

The Weasel wrote:While I think it was obvious they would end up friends (because Esme is so nice and Renee would want to help out with her only daughter's wedding) I think it was a bad idea.
Awww :( that's looking at the negative[and realistic, sadly] aspects of things. It's actually surprising that Esme and Renee didn't hit it off as friends sooner. Who couldn't love Esme? And Renee, who couldn't she love? Those two together is fabulous and it sucks that, yes, it's going to have to end sooner or later...more likely sooner.
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Post by CamberXite »

I think its awesome that Esme and Renee have become close , its really nice for Bella I guess.

I'm thinking Jasper will be the best man..
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The Wedding

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

It was so surprising that the Clearwaters were invited to the wedding. Since werewolves and vampires don't get along. I wonder how it'll turn out to be.

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