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I'm going to miss the truck. It had character and charm! Plus Bella loved it so much, and it fit her personality to a T. Personally, I think Edward did away with it so her could buy her the car the thinks she should have... stupid, overprotective, controlling Edward. :x And the worst part is, Bella lets him get away with that kind of stuff. That girl needs a healthy dose of reality. :roll:
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ok, well i am really a bike kind of girl, so the fact that the truck is dead dosent really bother me
but i def think that edward had something to do with it. and admitidly she did agree to let him buy her a new car when hers finally died. maybe she should have specified that it only counted if it dies of natural or human related causes. :)

but i still reckon she should ahve stolen edwards bike from ecplise :)
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