RIP the Chevy Truck

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RIP the Chevy Truck

Post by Be My Escape »

Bella's truck has had it's final run. Will you miss it? Do you think it is odd that it suddenly died after Bella told Edward he could get her something new when the truck died?

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Post by xmakeascene »

I like how it "suddenly" just died on her. Haha, Edward wasn't kidding with the whole gifts thing. It's a bit odd, and I will miss the old clunk of garbage, but her new car is AMAZING!
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Post by sanguinelily »

Her old truck gave character. I find it strange. I don't think Edward broke it to buy the new car for her, no he would need someone to blame. I think Emmett is the reason it all of a sudden 'died'
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Post by artisticlicence »

it is a bit sad that the trucks gone as it was jacobs before bellas (maybe thats why edward wanted it gone oooo... :P ) but it was a wee bit of a coincidence :lol: go edward and his over the top protectiveness :P

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Post by elysiepiecie »

I'm sad because the truck seemed to fit Bella's personality so well...but I am excited to see what the "after" car in the corner of the garage is as the "before" car is a sharp one.

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Post by FoxOtter »

Edward TOTALLY killed the truck. It was just too coincidental that it happened so fast haha. I WILL be missing the truck, actually. It's been such a huge staple of the books and really it's a part of Bella's character. That truck just had so much character. I must admit I was sad when I read it was gone, but I always knew with Edward's hatred for the truck at some point Bella and the truck would lose the battle and have to accept Edward and a new car.
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Post by ACullenForever »

Emmett ran it in to a tree alice told me

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Post by Marcy »

I'd like to call a moment of Silence for Bella's Truck.

*is silent*

So many great memories of the truck.

Edward rescuing Bella from Tyler's Van O'Doom.
The Drive to the Meadow.
The bloody fingernails after ripping out the st...oh, nevermind that one.
Charlie disconnecting her battery cables the night of the Meadow.
Edward cutting her brakes.
Sillybella's fanfic.

I loved the truck, but it is perfectly Edward to have massacred it (do you think it was thinking evil thoughts and that is how he justified it to himself? :lol: ) and replaced it with something even safer for our little danger magnet. :lol:

I can't WAIT to see the "After Car"
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Post by Bloodlust »

FoxOtter wrote:Edward TOTALLY killed the truck.
Without a doubt. He took that thing out at the first opportunity. Haha it's great because I love that Mercedes, but that truck has been through so much! It's technically a symbol of Edward. Durable, reliable[until now...could that mean something? :!: ], and old. Remember Charlie's comment in Twilight- "It's a good car for you."...Edward perhaps? This should go in a theory section though.

Anyhoo, RIP truck. You've done well kid.
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Post by The Brisbane Covern »

I wonder how Charlie took it when a Mercedes suddenly appeared ...... I reckon that would have been a very interesting conversation....
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