Jacob still Runnning

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Post by Bloodlust »

Kill all the witnesses?? Just kidding!! Well who said that actual fight had to take place at the ending. The instigation[is that even a word?] could take place there and the fight elsewhere.

Oh and about Jake and Canada. Once the voices in his head told him[and he sees for himself] what's going down...he'll run back as fast as he can. Canada's not that far from Washingon. Depending on where he is...
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Post by xox.Tegan.xox »

My geography is terrible, so I have very little idea how far Canada is from Washington...
The trip would take even a werewolf a couple of days though, surely!
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Post by CamberXite »

Yeah your right, if he does see something bad's going down he will come back because I think he still fears for Bella's safety
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

I think he will come back sometime- the book would be boring without him!
He just needs time :roll:
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Re: Jacob still Runnning

Post by Dejavu »

Be My Escape wrote:Will he or won't he return that is the question. What do yout hink about JAcob still running and not talking to anyone? Do you think he will come back? What about him knowing Bella is checking in on him, does she have the right to?
He'll return even though he hates the world right now...For some people it wouldn't be a good book if they didn't see Jacob

Umm...I think he just needs to be alone for awhile his heart was just broken...Maybe he's feeling a little New Moon Bellaish maybe he just needs a friend?


Yes she does she may have broken his heart to go with the wonderful, sweet,sexy, Edward *So Team Edward!* anyways..but she still cares for him, still worries about him, and even though she felt romantic feelings for him that one motherish kind of part *yeah that sounds Ew* of her will always be there, you know where she feels the need to protect him...Her pain is his pain..

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Post by The Brisbane Covern »

I think its good that Bella is checking in on him, I know she loves him but it would have been really crap if he didn't know that she was looking for him.... maybe he could see it as a sign that she wants him not Edward and comes back to win her back......
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Post by Sararl »

I think Jacob will, eventually, come back. That boy is way to stubborn (sp?) to give up on Bella (even her friendship) like that. They're best friends!
If he doesn't come back, I will go all the way to Canada (and from Portugal to Canada is a long trip!) and hurt that werewolf.

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Post by lovebooks145 »

Hopelessly_Obsessed wrote:I think that he will eventually run into the Denali group
and I also think that he will imprint on one of them!!! it would make things so interesting if there ever is a war between the Denali and the werewolves and everyone else!!
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Post by amberangel »

I dont feel sympathetic, sorry. No offense meant to anyone.


I thought Jacob would come back to well, kill her maybe. Read the preface, nearish the end. Stuff about love. Well, it was just a thought. Friend thought it was more to do with Volturi.

Opinions will vary.
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Post by It_is_a_NewMoon »

Bella doesn't really have a right to check up on him. She pushed him away, she should spare him the pain of her constant reminder that she cares and she's there, even though she doesn't want him.

I think at some point in the very far future he will return. When Bella's gone probably.

I was half expecting him to run anyway. That's the kind of thing he'd do.
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