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Hahaha!! I don't blame you I do that all the time...:D! I love this site it makes me feel less alone in my Twilight obbsession :D! But ya I can see him crashing the wedding.... I mean he HAS to come back that part is just obvious more than skeptism the question is when...I think maybe right before or after the wedding... He would run back or something...I don't really know but....that why they have this board for people to post every idea that pops in their head and then disect possiblities and hidden meanings in quotes from the epilouge/preface/first chapter of BD. *sigh* I'm so going to be up all night until the book comes out...
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allisoninterrupted wrote:I bet he'll crash the wedding. Like, he'll run (as a wolf) to Forks, morph into a human, and stand in the background and watch the girl he loves get married. I can see that, easily. Then like, Edward smells him, he looks to the spot in the trees where Jake's standing, Bella follows his eyes, and sees Jake. Something along those lines.

This is kind of random, but sort of along the same lines - I could TOTALLY see Bella and Alice shopping like, 20 years later, in Port Angeles (I know that they'd leave Forks, in this little fantasy they came back to shop, haha) and they smell a werewolf. They turn around and see Seth and they're like "OH MY GOD!" and they're talking to Seth - Seth gets along with the vampires, he's friendly with Edward in the first chapter of BD - and then Jacob comes in. Then Bella and Jake stand there staring at each other for a few seconds...these are the things I think about at night.
oOoo.. thats also a good idea, like maybe we wont see jacob until after bellas turned... & they do a kind of '20 years later...' type thing. omgshh. i wonder what bella and jake would say to each other. awkward moment right there. hmm. They can't really hug each other.... they both hate eachother's smells. hmm. lmao that would be intresting to read.
& don't worry =P youre not the only one who thinks about things at night...

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Yeah I was thinking about that too.. I was thinking also about what if she did do a 20 years later thing. When Bella was a vampire and she saw some kid with the last name of black, and then they went home and said that there were some new kids by the name of Cullen, and Jake was like wait was one of the girls names Bella,....and then like Bella went to school with them..and one day maybe Jake came to pick up the kid and saw Bella and they started talking or something... or to make matters worse maybe the kid will be a boy and hes a werewolf so he will smell them in his classroom... uhmmm....
I have a feeling tho that Jake will come back for the wedding..I bet his wolf insticts will make him go back or maybe sam or seth will drag him there ever if Jake doesnt want them to

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yeaah. that would be an interesting thing to put in BD.
the whole 20 years later thing kind of reminds me of the last chapter in the 7th book of Harry Potter.

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so my though is that he will come back because bella cant stay out of trouble for the whole book... it is bound to happen that she is put in danger again before she is changed... he will come back to help and everyone here should know that.. hello that is soooo odviouse :lol:
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Um. I bet he'll turn up. Either right before the wedding or before Bella gets changed.

He can't honestly give up! I dont believe it!
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nah he hasn't given up. he'll come back around wedding time i think

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I hope Jake comes back! I'm about 99.9% sure that he will :D

Also, Jacob technically can't "crash" the wedding because he was invited (by Edward at the end of Eclipse). An invited guest can't "crash" anything :wink:
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he'll come back... or i'll go insane.
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