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Post by littlemrscullen »

nadiahale<3 wrote:yeah that would be really interesting.
natural enemies in love.

i was kind of wondering two things about breaking dawn.

-what would happen if a vampire bit a werewolf? would they become a vampwolf?


-You know how Bella wants to get down with edward before she's a vampire? well, what would happen if she got pregnant and then turned into a vampire?
-When a vampire bites someone, they remain in the same position they were FOREVER... so, if a werewolf was changed in human form, they would remain human.. I dunno if they can be changed in wolf form.

-She can't get pregnant. Edward has no sperm. If she did get pregnant by someone else, though, she would remain pregnant forever.. SM says that in a personal correspondence, let me see if I can find it.
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Post by EllieCullen »

lol First question it would probably kill them

second she'd been forever preggers. I remember reading that somewhere and agreeing it sucked
edit and umm maybe i should mention that... umm edward doesn't have those... umm liquids :oops: :lol:
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Post by nadiahale<3 »

ha. yeah.
i didn't know about the edward thingy.

that would be so weird if a wolf was turned into a vampire.
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Post by obesivetwilightdisorder »

Yeah Esme said that was the one thing about being a vampire and that she had gotten used to edward,alice,emmett,rosalie,jasper,and soon bella as replacements

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Post by twilightcrzy221 »

i thnk that somthing will happen and it will force jake to come back. lyk mayb bella gets hurt or billy dies( i heard that someone dies) and since a midsummeres night dream did kind of inspire BD mayb jake falls for someone w/ the denali coven?? but if he did irina was mad at the wolves... that would b a good prob.
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Jacob has to come back!

Post by Crazy_and_Proud »

There wouldn't be much of a book if Jacob didn't come back! I mean he really adds to the story line ,and there would be many angry Jacob lovers who would form an angry mob if he wasn't in the second book, SM realises this and also there was a qoute somewhere that said something about Jacob and he did something to hurt Edward...
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Post by obesivetwilightdisorder »

Someone dies right....what if it was Jake...I know it probably won't happen..but what if it did....okay so it couldn't...I mean most everyone would br pretty angry..but i was just thinking about that...

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Post by edward_jacob_obsessed »

He will definately come back...stephanie LOVES Jacob and wouldnt just let him go like that, and i dont think he could stand to be away from Bella. :S
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Post by twilightcrzy221 »

yea thats true to. and jacob is one of sms fav characters. and seriously if she killed him many angry jacob fans waiting for her. mayb not hurt edward but deff something to him. but i wonder wut. OMG OMG OMG!! bad thought!! wut if he killed edward?? i mean that would b lyk asking for an angry mob at your door but wut did he do :shock: ?? i guess we will just have to wait for BD! i have no patience.
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Post by allisoninterrupted »

I bet he'll crash the wedding. Like, he'll run (as a wolf) to Forks, morph into a human, and stand in the background and watch the girl he loves get married. I can see that, easily. Then like, Edward smells him, he looks to the spot in the trees where Jake's standing, Bella follows his eyes, and sees Jake. Something along those lines.

This is kind of random, but sort of along the same lines - I could TOTALLY see Bella and Alice shopping like, 20 years later, in Port Angeles (I know that they'd leave Forks, in this little fantasy they came back to shop, haha) and they smell a werewolf. They turn around and see Seth and they're like "OH MY GOD!" and they're talking to Seth - Seth gets along with the vampires, he's friendly with Edward in the first chapter of BD - and then Jacob comes in. Then Bella and Jake stand there staring at each other for a few seconds...these are the things I think about at night.
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