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Post by Coolest~geek~ever »

When i looked at the cover, the red pawn looked like it was almost luking behind the white queen.. almost like an assasin. I don't know, it was just a thought.

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Post by Augusta »

SparklePixie wrote:I never did understand why people didn't like this cover. I love it because if you take into consideration that this is the final book of the saga and all loose ends must be tied up it works. Chess is a very complicated game of strategy, one wrong move can cost you dearly.
The chess game theory is very good idea. I never thought of that. You know I'm not actually sure why I didn't like the cover maybe because I couldn't tie it in with all of my previous theories for the book. But knowing Stephenie helped design it has changed my mind.
SparklePixie wrote: I had a feeling that for this cover Stephenie would have taken part in its creation. And if that is so then I think it is possible that the red could represent Bella as well as the white one. (Does this make sense?) Throughout the books red has always represented Bella or some conflict that she is having to deal with. If its possible for Bella to view Jacob as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, why can't she be viewed in the same light? The humanity (red) vs. vampire and all the tendencies that come along with such a title (white).
That is a very good theory. I agree with you!
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Post by twilight~obsessed »

^ I was thinking something a little similar to that also...
Like the red pawn is Bella before the change and the white is her after
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Post by jacob'sleah »

There are so many things that the chess pieces could represent.

Bella does have a small part of her heart that is fully in love with Jacob, but the majority of her heart is only for Edward. The pieces could represent Jacob's and Edward's holds on Bella.
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Post by musicgoddess »

I see the red piece representing danger. Its hidden in the back, ready to sneak up on everyone. The danger is slowly making its move toward the people of Forks. The white piece represents the Cullens and the pack. It looks like they're ahead, confident, not expecting anything, and theat they have the power. But the danger will sneak up on them when they're least expecting.

Reading over that, it doesn't really make sense. I tried to write a summary of what I was thinking. Bahaha, didn't really work out.
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Post by JulesCullen »

I love that idea of Edward's Bella (the queen) being so much more powerful than Jacob's Bella (the pawn). The only thing is that I think that would probably have been more of a theme in Eclipse (but since I haven't had the privelege of reading BD yet, that is just a thought).
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Post by BroadwayAmanda93 »

Hmm...this cover is definetly more complex than the others. Well, I always saw queens as "the prize piece" because they can do pretty much anything, so maybe this represents what Bella wants or how she'll feel after she's changed. And white is sometimes known as the color of perfection. And then there's the pawn...well, I always saw pawns as the underdog sort of. They seem really weak, but you never know when they're going to surprise you and ruin everything. I think the fact that it's red emphazises this. I have no idea exactly who or what the pawn is, or what the queen is either, but something to think about. As if I need one more thing to worry/freak out/wonder/stress out about/be excited for this book! :D
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Post by emilymichellecullen »

i'm wondering if perhaps the fact that the queen has been moved out the original position has anything to do with it
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Post by BoysfromBooks »

so...i was listening to Fire And Ice: A Twilight Podcast, Episode Five
and i heard them mention that the chess board was made out of marble, so they thought that Breaking Dawn would have to do more with the vampires than the werewolves since throughout the series stephenie refers to the vampires as marble or something like it
and i was thinking Good point!

what i'm remembering is when the cover came out for the first time, the main themes we all were thinking were
~ bella-human vs. bella-vampire
~ werewolf vs. vampire
~ cullen vs. volturi
~ are there any others...??

so maybe it means vampire vs. vampire if it's on 'vampire grounds' (the marble)?
or it could just mean the vampires win

i'm just pulling this out of the hat now, but maybe the vampires or vampire would win because it's on their grounds. humans or werewolves wouldn't stand a chance against vampires on their land...?
i'm rambling now :roll:
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Post by faerie_kitten »

well my husband and i were discusing th cover this morning and here's what we came up with

it could be that the red pawn represents a threat to the vampirs and bella (the white queen) asnd that as vampire bella for some reason she is out there in the forground because there is something that only she can do to stop the threat.

if that makes sense at all. we were basicaly discussing what pov the cover was from. whether we are looking at the pawn being behind the queen or actualy in front of it if we ere looking at the queen from behind.

also any ideas on why the chess board is viewed from an angle?
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