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KT wrote:
Alice's Twin Sister wrote:
emilymichellecullen wrote:gosh, charlie reminds me so much of how my dad is! haha
im glad he likes my boyfriend though, he didn't like one i had a couple of years ago and he acted like how charlie does toward edward haha
yeah but I wonder how much of charlie's dislike for edward isn't so much overprotectiveness for bella but that natural sense of aversion all humans are supposed to have toward Vampires. Just a thought....

Or then again it could just be Charlie being over bearing and over protective!
I don't think it has anything to do with a "natural sense of aversion" Charlie might have toward Edward because he's a vampire. Charlie seems pretty clueless in that area (even when it comes to what should be his "natural instinct"). I think Charlie's negative attitude toward Edward stems entirely from Edward breaking Bella's heart in New Moon. He still hasn't forgiven Edward for that (and he probably thinks Bella forgave him too easily, so maybe he's adding on a bit of extra dislike just to compensate :wink:) I don't think Charlie had any problems with Edward before New Moon, he seemed quite fond of him in fact.

And I don't really think he's being over bearing. He's just concerned for his daughter; he doesn't want her to get hurt again. I would probably feel that way too.
Charlie stopped liking Edward in Twilight, when Bella ran away and Edward had to go 'rescue' her. After Bella got hurt, Charlie wasn't as fond of Edward, which you can see at the beginning of New Moon. I think that in Twilight and the beginning of New Moon, Charlie's too worried that Bella's going to pull a Renee.

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