Charlie and Renee's Reaction

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Post by ShopGirl3876 »

I loved it! I totally expected it. I knew Bella would be freaked out at telling them and what they would say, but them approving would be something she didn't expect. I LOVED both their reactions. The way Edward asked for the blessing and somehow Charlie realized that they were going to be together anyway when they left so it made sense. Renee always thought her daughter was older so it made sense when Renee was happy for her. I think this was minor when Bella thought it was going to be a major obstacle. Love the fact that Renne and Esme get along and that Renee knows that the Cullens love Bella as their daughter/sister!
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

charlies reaction was totallyy funny! i expected him to like freek and try to shoot edward! or at least not even believe them when she claimed that she wasnt pregnant or having s-e-x. renee's was even better! im so happy she and esme became friends!
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Post by vampiregirlsince1918 »

cpr2117 wrote:
Bloodlust107 do you guys kno all this??? Where did you read it? Srry if i'm being stupid :oops:
yeah i totally agree with you, im so lost!
The Special Edition of Eclipes has the preface and the first chapter of Breaking Dawn in it. :)

Now for what I thought: I also thought Charlie's reaction was funny and I thought he would try harder to talk them out of it. But it made sense to me that he just said yes and laughed cause he was positive Bella would get it big time from Renee and that she'd say enough for the both of them plus some. lol. Now Renee's reaction shocked me big time! I was sure Renee would totally be against Bella getting married so young, but I was sooo extremely happy with her response it was perfect! SM is a genious! lol.
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Post by Crooked_Rose »

Charlie's reaction made me crack the middle of Barnes and
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Post by BroadwayAmanda93 »

I was very surprised with both Charlie and Renee's reactions! From Charlie I expected something along the lines of "WHAT??? NO WAY!!!" and Renee especially, who we've been told many times is very picky about marriage. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that they reacted the way they did, it makes the whole thing easier. I did laugh a little at Charlie though, I think he was counting on Renee to be "the bad guy" in this situation and tell Bella no so he wouldn't have to. :) But that's just me, I could be totally wrong.
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Post by Excali »

Yeah I thought they would both of gone crazy about it.
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Post by twilightroxmuhsox »

I laughed so hard when Charlie was screaming, "You're pregnant!" and the little detail that Stephenie included about him still being armed. I knew Charlie would have a fit, but I also half expected him to pass out or something.
Renee's response was a relief to me. I'm really glad that she didn't throw a fit. I also love her whole talk with Bella about how she didn't make a mistake and reassuring Bella. So now it gives Bella one less thing to worry about!
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Post by emilymichellecullen »

I'm so glad renee was understanding! it makes her much more of a round character. Shes not always so childish. makes me happy to see her use her brain and support her daughter for a change.
maybe i resent her because she acts like my mom lol. i grew up w/ my dad
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Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

I was not really surprised by Charlie's reaction to the news of his daughter getting married at a young age. If he fought it, Bella could play the "well you did it "card. SO he didn't have much of a leg to stand on adn plus he is all too aware of her mind and how she makes decisions because he himself is the same way. Constant and unswerving.

Renee though....I though for sure she was going to go off the deep end. I thought for sue she'd be nasty about it even. We didn't get much detail out of the conversations between Bella nd her when they visited her in april in florida. So it was hard to understand Renee's unsurprised subdued even reaction. And then wonder why they didn't tell her sooner? that was weird. It would have been nice to have seen Renee as a character developed a little bit more so I could understand her better.

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Post by Crazy_and_Proud »

Were you surprised by his reaction?
Yeah, I thought CHarlie would have tried to shoot Edward....well not really ,but at least not leave it up to Renee to decide her fate... I thought he might try to ground her again...:D
Then there was Renee did she react the way anyone suspected she would?
I knew that Renee would be more understanding...throughout the books she is always the more reasonable parent ecspecially around Edward and topics concerning him. SO I didn't expect her to already have assumed it in April ,but I did expect that she would support Bella in her decision.

How do yout hink Charlie felt when Renee reacted the way she did?
Betrayed that his only threat was acctually the for the wedding. And then realising that he had nothing that he could do to stop this he decides to sulk.
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