Charlie and Renee's Reaction

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JulesCullen wrote:I kind of want to hear other people's reactions as well. Does the rest of Forks feel exactly as Bella predicted towards her marriage? I'm sure Lauren had a lot to say on that one...
And Jessica..

I wonder if any of the guys were disappointed :lol:
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Post by ShippudenVampire »

I was very shocked by how they reacted. I was expecting something around yelling and stuff. Her mom really shocked me though. Oh, this is a picture of Edward proposing the human way.
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Isn't it cute!? I just love it. By the way, I didn't draw it. I don't even remember where I found it!
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Their reactions kind of took me by surpise. Charile i thought was going to be like No no and umm No seeing as he told edward he wasnt allowed through the front door ever again. But seeing as bella said he was trying real hard to like him i can see it. i mean i expected him to try and stop it seeing as thats his little girl and she's marrying at such a young age but i never saw him cracking up and saying you tell reene thats all yours.
When bella told Reene i thought she was going to go through the phone and smack some sense into her.Im kind of glad she went through the whole thing about her issues being her's and not Bella's. I kind of get the feeling Bella wanted her mom to react different than she did just because she's still unhappy about the wedding.You can tell espically at the end of the excerpt when she goes to her "happy" place instead of looking at the dress. Shes going to have to look at it sometime right?
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Post by Bloodlust107 » do you guys kno all this??? Where did you read it? Srry if i'm being stupid :oops:
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The thing is, Renee (whatever you think of her parenting skills) *knows* Bella. She knows that once Bella makes a decision, it's set in stone. Bella is over 18; she doesn't need her parents' permission. She has the support of the Cullen family. What good would it do to fight with her daughter?

As for Charlie... he seems to have finally accepted that it's too late for him to become the authority figure he wanted to be in Bella' life.
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Post by mattyh23 »

Charlie, after making an actual effort to like Edward, didn't surprise me that he said Yes. As Edward said.. he wasn't asking to get married.. just for Charlie's blessing. Charlie was really hoping Renee would shut Bella down, but much to our (at least, my) surprise, that went even better than with Charlie.

Renee KNOWS Bella. She knows that Bella wouldn't make a decision unless she was 1000% sure she'd go through with it. With that in mind, if Bella thinks its the right thing, what else can you do?
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Bloodlust107 do you guys kno all this??? Where did you read it? Srry if i'm being stupid :oops:

yeah i totally agree with you, im so lost!
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Post by edwardaddicted93 »

I loved both of their reactions, especially when Charlie started laughing. At first, I thought he was going insane. Oh Charlie! :lol:

Renee's I was surprised by though, I thought because Bella is getting married so early that Renee would think she was making a mistake and be upset. I'm glad that she was okay with it though. And I'm glad that Renee and Esme are friends! :D
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Post by Sarah&Edward »

I wasn't really surprised at Charlie's reaction. I know my dad would jump to the conclusion that I was pregnant, although most of my cousins have multiple children out of wedlock when they were in their teens. He would expect me to wait too. And Bella is his only child/daughter, so he'd be pretty upset.

Renee, on the other hand, seems to know Bella very well and I was sure that Bella was so worried about what everyone would think that she really didn't remember that her mother was her best friend to begin with.
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When i read Charlie and Renees reaction it wasn't what i expected at all. I really expected Charlie to blow up and Renee to be against it more then anything. I did kind of expect though that Charlies first thought would be Bella being pregnent, but i was really confused when he started laughing. And then the fact that Renee took it so well really just threw me. I mean the one thing that stood out about Renee was her stand that 'marriage = bad!' so when she was completly happy about her own daughter getting married at 18, i was really confused. So all in all, my thought was 'Who are you and what have you done with Bella's parents?!' :lol:
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