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Post by b3ad52 »

I definitely was surprised by both of their reactions. I thought Charlie would have exploded (and he almost did when he stopped breathing and started turning different colors) when he found out but then he was just fine with it.... sort of funny when I read it.

Renee took it very well. I figured she would have told bella that it was a mistake and that she should back out.

All of it was very surprising but good. :D
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Post by rakle88 »

I thought that Charlie's reaction was hilarious! The way Edward said that "We have good news", followed by Charlie bellowing "You're Pregnant!" made me laugh! Besides the laughing, I thought he handled it pretty well.
I was more surprised by Renee's reaction! I didn't expect her to be so calm to the news. I think it's awesome that her and Esme are planning together! Now I'm super excited to see what happens at the wedding! Maybe I can nab a few decorating ideas since mine is a year away! I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to be published!!! :D
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Post by livie2k6 »

charlie's reaction wasnt what i expected, he was far too calm. i guess he was really really counting on renee, but shes just too much of an unpredictable person, ive always thought she would want them to get married.

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Post by Shadow Grrl »

Charlie's reaction was to be expected, I think. I burst out laughing when he thought Bella was pregnant, just over the irony.
I was really impressed with Renee's reaction. It was so exactly perfect and therefore so exactly unexpected. Because we don't really know Renee all that well. We've heard Bella's take on her mom, but we haven't really seen her. With Charlie it was sort of... predictable because we know him better.
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Post by ianwardistheperfectcombo »

i was not surprised by charlies reaction; iit figures he would think that bella was pregnant. any one tree hill fans here? do you remember when nathan and haley got married in high school, and everybody at their school assumed Haley was pregnant? yeah, since teens typically dont get married, it is the natural reaction for people in our society. and you know charlie, he gets worked up pretty easily, so i understand his anger of sorts, even if it was short-lived. i was very surprised by renee's reaction. i thought that she would be extremely pissed off at bella, and on bella's wedding day, they would have a tearfilled *reunion* of sorts, with lots of hugging and running eye makeup. i was happy taht she was the more lenient parent. bella needs one of her parents on her side, so i was appeased that that happend.
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Post by mismoo »

Charlie was funny. The pregnancy line was a classic. Edward was a true sweetheart the way he presented it to Charlie. It just wouldn't do to live in sin, now would it? Well done.

This'll sound trite, but I wasn't surprised at Renee. She was so aware of how Bella and Edward functioned subconsciously as a physical couple. Their body language and motion had clued her in to how much they fit each other on a deeper level. With Renee's flightiness, the way she bounces from one obsession to another, she has to have an open-mindedness about her. I'm sure she's dabbled in many different metaphysical "studies" and is more accepting of the concepts she's facing with Bella and Edward. Soul-mates, instant recognition of your "split-apart" what have you.
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Post by emina88 »

mismoo wrote:Charlie was funny. The pregnancy line was a classic. Edward was a true sweetheart the way he presented it to Charlie. It just wouldn't do to live in sin, now would it? Well done.
Yeah, i literally had to stop for 5 minutes to roll on the bed laughing :lol: I mean, how else would a parent react if they knew that their 18 year old daughter was getting married?

But, all in all, Charlie and Renee's reaction was......... unpredicted.
Not that I want them to refus eor anything but I would liked to see Bella convince them (just to prove that Bella HERSELF sa itlle bit excited about her own wedding)

About their reaction kind of worries me a bit. I'm worried that SM made their reaction so.... accepting that means that there aren't enough pages in BD for their reaction. Which means (and I hope I'm wrong about this) that there probably won't be enough pages to write about some other things (like Emmett's and Esme's past).

I hope I'm dead wrong about this! :?
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Post by lidiacriss »

I just yesterday read the preface and first chapter of Breaking Dawn (after a rush down to borders with my mom so we could read the first chapter and preface in the special edition eclipse, with out actually buying it, we already have all the books, we don't need another eclipse) I loved charlie's reaction and I totally expected it, although I thought he might throw things at edward or something, but, thank god he didn't. I was surprised by Renee's reaction, I expected some sort of a freak out, but her reaction was sweet.
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Post by meganj924 »

I didn't like it.

Charlie's reaction was okay. He's been around Bells and Edward a lot more than Renee has, and he was an intimate witness to Bella's depression in New Moon, so he probably understands better than anyone how Bella and Edward are together. But at the same time, he FLIPPED OUT about the motorcycles-- yet he doesn't throw a fit about his only just-barely-a-legal-adult daughter getting married. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Renee's reaction was a big let down. Seriously. All throughout Eclipse, getting married was a huge point of conflict-- a conflict centered largely around how Renee would react. Steph built up the storyline in a way that made us all expect Renee to freakout-- and she didn't. At all. Her reaction was way too peachy and happy. It didn't seem to fit with her character well. And it makes some of the conflict in Eclipse seem pointless. Seemed anticlimactic to me.

Both of their reactions seemed a little out of character. It seems like Stephenie didn't really want to have to write about it and just came up with a lame and easy way to eliminate the potential problem Renee and Charlie's reactions could be. It's just... too easy. Everything is going exactly as planned; no delays in the wedding, good reactions from parents, the wedding all planned out, etc. It's all going as it's "supposed" to be going. Which makes me think something HUGE is going to happen during the wedding... the peace and "too easy" feeling of the story can't last forever, especially when things seem to be going so well right now...

That's how it rubbed off on me, anyways.
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Post by jeanandy »

i love the fact that charile was waiting for renee to blow her top!!!!! i could just see his face going blue again when he found out that she was ok with it!!! LOLOLOL

i think it was pretty cool when renee told bella that bella knew whats right for her and the bella wouldnt make the mistakes that renee did.....that was very grown up of renee.....
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