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When i read the preface, i'm thinking it's defiantly bella being turned. Unlike what some people are saying.. i'm thinking that it isn't so much "doubt" about Edward (she's already made her decision on that one) but just the general fear she feels just before being rather during the turning?
And as for the jacob stuff? I can't see how one could think that. It's just with the way she's thinking, and the words she's using. The jacob theory doesn't make sense to me. I just don't think lol, that jacob is her.. "beloved" at least that wouldn't be the way she'd describe him at this point.
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ShopGirl3876 wrote:I just of thought of something, and its probably not going to make much sense since I am very sleepy, but here it goes:

Let's say Bella is the narrator of the preface, but what if she's not talking about herself? What if she "sees" it happening to someone else, ie., Jasper-Alice, Rosalie-Emmett, Sam-Emily?

She "interperts" a lot of things in her head before she knows for sure.........what if this is another plan for battle, and she mistakes it for something else and jumps to her usual conclusions? Since we have never had a preface before, what if we're jumping to the wrong conclusions already. Maybe the editors had them put that as a marketing tool?

Sorry if it doesn't make made sense in my head. :P
hahaha.. i see what your saying, and that would be.. very interesting.

LOL like a total, HA!! to the fans. XD
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NovaAlbion wrote:Please note: Few of these ideas are original to me. However, they are usually found scattered in bits and pieces across the forums. I think that, assembled, they make a persuasive statement about the Breaking Dawn and its preface.

The Preface of Breaking Dawn is a first person narrative and clearly has a point of view. If we can determine who is speaking, it will reveal something about events and relationships that occur in the rest of the book. The preface falls in a pattern with the rest of the series. Recognizing and extrapolating from this pattern also yields additional information. In the preface, the narrator also speaks of the threat of death by the hand of a "beloved". By identifying the narrator and the likely key events in Breaking Dawn, perhaps we can identify this "beloved" and determine the nature of the climatic confrontation.

Who is the narrator of the preface? (Whose POV is this, anyway?)
- Each of previous 3 books, Bella has been ultimately revealed to be the narrator. It is likely, but not utterly certain, that Stephenie Meyer will continue that pattern.
- The narrator speaks of having "had more than my share of near-death experiences ..." There is only one character in the series that is portrayed as a "Danger Magnet" or has had shown a series of near death experiences. The very destructable Ms. Swan.
- The narrator indicates a willingness to sacrifice, or at least yield, their life for their beloved. "If your life was all you had to give your beloved, how could you not give it?" In the Twilight Saga, no one has demonstrated the willingness to risk and/or sacrifice her life for a loved one as frequently as Bella. Yes, others risk their lives and are willing to lay them down for others: The Cullens - they love Edward and fight against the hunter James, Alice loves Edward (and at this point would endanger Bella for Edward) and risks herself in Volterra, The Cullens love Bella and defend her at great risk against Victoria and the newborns in battle. But none have done it as frequently or in such life threatening circumstances as Bella, the only strictly human in the bunch.
- I cannot count Jacob or members of the Quileute pack as potential narrators. Their efforts against Victoria and the newborns were their duty, not an act of sacrifice for a "beloved". While the patrolling was arduous and time consuming, killing Laurent and the battle with the newborns was considered "fun" as well as their duty as protectors. They thought of Bella as "bait", i.e. the draw that kept pulling Victoria back to Forks and La Push. Jacob is unlikely to be the narrator of the preface. Some have wondered if he had imprinted on a vampire, wouldn't he be in danger from his beloved and her "family". I will grant that he might be willing to take major risks for a beloved. However, he is not a danger magnet and cannot be considered as the narrator of the preface.

So, for reasons of series consistency, self description (multiple near-death experiences and sacrifices) and emotional connection, it appears that Bella is the narrator or voice of the preface.

What is the situation? In what part of the story does the preface fit?
In the previous three volumes of the Twilight Saga, the preface always took place in the latter part of the book during the initial stages of the climatic event:
Twilight - James attacking Bella before the Cullens arrive.
New Moon - In Volterra, racing across the plaza as the clock is striking.
Eclipse - Battle by the tent against Victoria and Riley
Breaking Dawn - Potential climatic antagonists include:
- Volturi motivated by numeric/power threat
- Pack motivated by broken treaty/instinct
- Denali clan (relatively unlikely) motivated jealousy and revenge (Irina's Laurent thing)

Bella_Cullen_13, myself and others have used foreshadowing, character analysis, literary conventions and the art of storytelling to infer a sequence of events that are likely to take place in Breaking Dawn. Some of these events include: Announcing the engagement, the Wedding, the Honeymoon, Bella's changing and her newborn phase, developing threat, climatic event(s), resolution, epilogue. (Maybe there will be no epilogue as each of the epilogues have previously been a setup for the next book in Bella's story arc.) There is much debate as to what the developing threat and climatic event(s) will be. I recognize that there are many who doubt that the specific events listed above will take place in the order listed, or even occur at all in Breaking Dawn. This, however, is my best guess as to where the preface occurs in what I consider to be a likely sequence of events.

If the event sequence is, at least on the broad brush, correct, Bella will become a vampire during or prior to the "developing" threat stage of the book. This could add nicely to the dramatic tension of Breaking Dawn. In a race against time, will Bella gain sufficient control of her newborn instincts/vampire special ability in time to help save the Cullens/Pack/Whoever needs saving?

If Bella is the narrator, who is the "Beloved" referred to?
I have broken down the various characters of Bella's acquaintance into tiers based on the intensity of their relationship.
- First Tier - Edward - can't live without, she would put life in danger to protect
- Second Tier - Charlie, Renee - she did put life in danger to protect
- Third Tier - Jacob, Alice, possibly Esme - she made sacrifices for (emotional, behavioral)
- Fourth Tier - Remainder of Cullens, Angela, Mike, Seth, Quil, Embry
- Fifth Tier - Ben, Jessica (?), rest of pack

The tiers are somewhat dynamic. Bella will not risk harm to higher tier member, for sake of a lower tier. With her marriage each Cullen moves up a tier, eventually all become second tier. While we all have a spectrum of relationships, as a practical matter, I would not judge any character below the third tier to be considered "beloved" by Bella.

Physically, who can kill Bella?
At the point in the story where the preface is likely to occur, Bella is changed into a vampire, either newborn, or at least somewhat "stabilized". This means that no mere humans represent a threat to her life. This means, that in the preface, there are only two groups that are capable of harming Bella. They are:
- Other vampires
- Werewolves

I remove Edward from consideration. I can think of nothing that would make him "want" to kill Bella. He has, in fact, consistently demonstrated that his primary interest is her safety. Yes, at this point, he is certainly capable of killing a vampire, especially a newborn, it has become against his nature to do so. Besides, with her new durability, Bella could endure the moment or two it might take Edward to think about what he was doing.

The only two times that there is even the remotest possibility of Edward's being a threat to Bella occur in the story prior to when the preface occurs. These events occur during the honeymoon.
- It remains possible for Edward to "lose control" during marital relations and unintentionally kill Bella. If this were to occur, Bella wouldn't have the time required to philosophically muse about near-death events and being killed by one's beloved. She would have other things on her mind. It would be more like, "Ow!" and she died.
- It also remains possible for Edward to "lose control" while changing Bella if he can't stop drinking, if his thirst and the taste of her blood overwhelm him. However, he was able to stop drinking in Twilight and his control has only gotten better since then.

We can also eliminate from consideration all the vampires that Bella would not give her life for: Volturi, nomads, Denali clan, all Cullens, except Edward and, perhaps, Alice.

And, we can eliminate the werewolves that Bella would not give her life for: All except Jacob.

So, we have eliminated as candidates for "beloved" everyone except Jacob, Alice and, possibly, Esme.

So, Who Killed Roger Rabbit?
Edward - probably not, both marital relations and changing will occur too early in the book to be during the initial stages of the climatic event.

Alice/Esme - I've wracked my brain and can't come up with a motivation for which Alice or Esme would "kill" vampire Bella. The only two scenarios I can figure is if, as a newborn, Bella was going to disclose the vampire secret by her out of control behavior, and thereby endanger their whole family or if Bella's "special ability" was uncontrolled and a direct threat to Edward and the rest of the Cullens. I rate these as highly unlikely.

While Edward might get taken by surprise by her "power", he wouldn't let her be that out of control. We also have to account for, at least a little of, Bella's own will to be responsible. Remember to, the Cullens have done this before (Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett).

This leaves Jacob as the sole candidate for the position of a "beloved" who would have the ability to kill Bella. Bella is concerned about Jake's reaction to her vampire self. I wasn't able to find the spot where she thinks about, or even discusses with Jacob, his reaction to the vampire Bella. Jacob is also very, very worried about his reaction to Bella the vampire, especially his instinctive reaction. Yet, from what we have seen, Jacob has been (Breaking Dawn, Chapter 1) "trying not to think human, you know. Just going with his instincts."

So, what we have in the preface is Bella's thoughts as she approaches some sort of confrontation with Jacob in the latter part of Breaking Dawn as the climatic event draws near.
thank you so much! this makes me feel much better about the preface :D
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a little obsessive! wrote:it makes sense for the preface and book to be in Bella's pov, but one word really jumps out at me when i read the preface- "beloved". Bella's never used that word and it's actually a word used in the olden days (AKA Edwards human days), therefore it makes me think that the preface is Edwards pov. In the past 3 books he's called Bella his beloved and this could be a suttle hint that SM is giving us....
:shock: I LOVE that idea! Perhaps newborn Bella is fighting Edward for some reason? Maybe he tried to stop her from eating Mike and she got mad?? *sigh* jumping to conclusions is my favorite hobby
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I think that Jacob has come back before she has changed and is trying like crazy to get her to change her mind. Like making threats since he's not fiighting fair. And she is torn. She thinks Jacob will kill her if she become a vampire, but this is what she has to give to her true love.
So i think she could possibly be talking about both of them. Jacob in the first and Edward in the latter.
This wouldnt be giving away the climax, and to me is characteristic of her since she believes everything jacob says anyways

P.S. I dont think its from edwards view because it talks about how the person is not geared toward fighting. and well, all the cullen boys are always ready for a fight. Looks like testosterone doesnt freeze like their blood!
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What if Edward *could* be persuaded to want to kill Bella?

Assume that, at the point of the Preface, Bella is already a vamp.

The MSND allusions have thus far been an entertaining foray into the possibilities of love triangles, but what if it's not a love spell that's at issue? What if someone (Alec?) has the power to make vamps turn on one another -- essentially using their mind to enslave them to do the dirty work of the Volturi. We already know that Edward's mind is affect-able, whereas Bella's is not. So what if the preface is Bella contemplating the merits of allowing thus-enslaved Edward to kill her, because her only other option is to kill him -- something she could never, ever do?
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ok i think in the preface when bella is talking about her beloved one and how it was killing her i think that she was talking about jacob because in other prefaces jacob was the beloved one.i also think that when it means that the beloved one is killing her i dont think that she means literally killing him.

i think that its still in bellas point of view.i mean like stephenie said that the saga was in bellas perspective.and besides the first chapter is in her perspective so why wouldnt the preface be?

i think that BD is something entirely different than what people are saying.i think that jacob is going to do someting(what i have no clue)that causes bella to freak out.i think that jacob will do something that bella will try to protect him from....lets just say that its like him killing himself.i think that shes going to sacrifice herslef...or at least try to......for jake.if you think about the game of chess(which is the cover)its about sacrifice....i mean thats wat i think of when i think about my theory.but then again i have no clue as to what is going to happen.i think that it wil be ..however.. unexpected.speedyturtle....i think that you have a good point there....i mean it has to do with jake doing something thats betrayal-like.i think thats a good idea of whats going to happen
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I think it's absolutely Bella talking about Edward changing her -- to me, it very definitely sounds like Bella's "voice," the same way she's talked in the other prefaces (and all the books). And in the first three books, she HAS faced death from all the types of people she mentions as ones you would usually run from -- and she has, in essence, run from that kind of death (well, she's run straight toward it, then hoped to escape it, several times!). As in, she's faced death from accident (Tyler's van), from sadistic humans (the distinct possibility that the three hoods in Port Angeles could have killed her) from a sadistic vampire (who was trying to kill her mostly to set up a more "fun" game of death with Edward and his family), from the Volturi (who are very much "monsters" and were, in some ways, more "clinical" about her death than, say, James, but still, several of them were determined that she should die, and that they should be the ones to drain her), and even from people she considered friends and family (certainly, she faced death from "friendly" vampire -- Jasper -- and "friendly" werewolves -- at least Paul, and possibly more).

So, she's run from those kinds of death, specifically the threats of death from those who are not her friends, who vary in degree of "enemy" -- but now, she's facing "death" (becoming a vampire, the stopping of her heart, so certainly, her "human" death), but at the hands of the love of her life, the person she has ASKED to do it -- Edward. She has begged him to do it, has bargained with him to do it and, from the sounds of this, it has finally come to the moment when he is about to do it. And although she is scared (who wouldn't be? if for nothing more than the pain, and almost certainly also for the fear of the unknown, of not being able to know EXACTLY what it will be like to be a vampire, of knowing she will have urges and impulses and instincts that she doesn't really want to have, knowing that there's no going back once she becomes one, knowing there are things she'll be giving up that she'd rather not have to give up), this is a time she will NOT run from death -- she will go forward toward it, go forward toward her beloved, into that great unknown, trusting him and trusting herself to be able to handle it, and rejoicing in the opportunity to be with her beloved forever.

At least, to me, that's the obvious message of the preface -- but that's just me.
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Visitor1 wrote:I think it's absolutely Bella talking about Edward changing her -- to me, it very definitely sounds like Bella's "voice," the same way she's talked in the other prefaces (and all the books). .

I agree.
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I'm leaning towards this more now. Alec has the ablity to confuse people's minds. Either he's confused Bella's to think that some other vampire about to kill her is her "beloved" or he's confused Edward's thoughts to make him want to kill her.

I'll probably change my mind again in a few days. :lol:
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