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^^That's my theory as of right now too, except I think he will know it is Bella, but just goes bezerk.
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I think it could be the first time Jacob sees Bella after her change, and he loses it and Bella is frightened thinking that Jacob might attack and kill her, and for the first time she is truely scared of Jacob. But of course Jacob ends up not hurting her, he will probably get close and then run away again when he sees the look in Bella's eyes of how scared she is of him.
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Jump Starting Bella's Truck
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I just feel like we're missing something, and that it has to be more complicated than that. I feel like it's staring me in the face, but with a mask on. If only I could take that mask off! Well, on August 2nd yes. But until then I'll be going CRAZY!
I still think it's Jacob though and Bella's a vampire. I just can't think of any more complications. *sigh*
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Yes... we can spend tons and tons of time theorizing about it, but I doubt we'll get it right. SM is genius beyond all of us.
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I think stephenie meyer is just doing this to screw us up. To leave us sleepless in our beds at night wondering.
When I first read it i immediately thought of jacob...but then in other sites and such people started saying maybe its edward. I admit that it would be a very interesting twist though.
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