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Rareclipse wrote:one more thing (sorry!)
what is Alec's power?
We don't know yet. In PC #10 SM says, "I will not tell you what his [Alec's] gift is, only that it is more potent in battle than hers. He is one of the main reasons that the Volturi guard is invincible." "Hers" is Jane, and so if his power is greater than his sister's, well, that may be a whole lot of rotten luck for the Cullens! :shock:
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Yeah... and by telling us that she has driven us nuts. More potent than Jane's??? Uh oh. This is going to be scary.
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absolutly. i have been thinking for hours what it could be and how it could work, not sure still tho :(

mind i def find the volturi scary. it woudl seem that they will stop at nothing to have things the way they want them.

personaly i think that the vampires have more than enough strength between them to well and truly kick us humans buts if they wanted to. so on that note the volturi are kind of doing us a favour but def still very scary
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Secret Weapon?

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Okay...well someone said earlier that Jane was the secret weapon...,but if EVERYONE thats a vampire basically knows this how can she be the true secret maybe .....just maybe ALEC is the secret weapon...not the creepy porcelain doll (well how I see Jane) sense his power is worse than well "more potent" than Jane's...
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i love alec. he seemed so nice to jane and everyone in new moon haha. But i wonder why they wouldnt have tried it on bella, unless it could kill her if it worked
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Re: the volturi

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Rareclipse wrote:can someone answer this question for me?
remember when Edward was telling Bella about the volturi. well, we know that Aro, Marcus and Caius are the leaders. who are the two women who later joined them, and make up the royalty? Jane? i thought she was a part of the guard...
We don't know who the two female "family" members are yet. Both Jane and Heidi are members of the guard apparently. I thought they were the two females but everyone here seems to disagree. There are two twins but they take positions as guards around caius so they aren't them either. I guess there is more yet to be known. Maybe these will some of the new characters some folks have been speaking of?! :?

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Post by JulesCullen »

Yes, the two females have not been introduced. I believe that there were originally three females- the three mates of Aro, Caius, and Marcus.

From the character bios (under Marcus): Marcus lost his mate in a battle. That loss, over the centuries, turned him into the apathetic zombie he is today.

We have not met the other two. I'm not sure if they have powers and if we'll see them (but my personal opinion is that we will).

Other than Marcus, Caius, Aro, and the two females, everyone else is part of the guard.
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Okay: here i am goint to put a short bit about the Volturi intertwining with the Denali clan and Jacob. I think we are definately going to see more of the Denali Clan and a lot more of the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. However, before I talk about the Denali Clan, I want to talk about who i think is the more importaint 'clan'- the Volturi.

First of all, I think everyone is looking at the Volturi in an extremely biased view. We have seen a poorer side of the Volturi that has beem tainted further by our exposure to mainly good, moral, vegetarian vampires. The Volturi drink blood- yeah, them and almost every other vampire in the world. So they are not the bad guys just because they drink human blood. Also, in Eclipse Jasper and Carlisle spaks about the Volturi with reverance- he was exposed to the good, saviour side of the Volturi. The vampires who stop chaos and bloodshed. Carlisle and Aro, not to mention, are actually very close friends. However, bella has only seen the 'evil' side of the Volturi; and thus we have only seen it. Remember, in the vampire worl the Volturi stop chaos, not start it. However, there was that lingering theory of the Cullens'- the Volturi were fearing the Cullens were too powerful. As we see Bella enter the picture and resist Aro and Jane's talents when faced with the Volturi, that idea grows stronger on both sides of the board. And when Jane realises the Cullens defeated a goup of bloodthirsty, newborn vampires, (she thinks by themselves too) she must have told everyone and the fear level in the Volturi rose.When bella becomes a vampire, her talent will most likely be so extaordinary that the Volturi and the Cullens hold the same plane, and then the big war will begin.

The Denali clan play into this whole plotline because when Bella is changed and before the war starts, they will be the newborn vampire support and the Cullens will riside in Alaska with them. but when Jacob unconsiously runns to their house the same time the Volturi check on Bella to make sure she is a vampire, one of the Denali clan (most likely Irina) will rat the Cullens out and one of the Volturi will step in to kill Jacob. There will be a struggle, and possibly a newborn Gina will be killed and Jacob will be mortally wounded. The Volturi will rage war after Bella's power is discovered during the struggle, and when they leave to go back to Voltura, Irina will go with them.

During all of this we will find out all about the Denali clan and all of the mysteries surrounding the Volturi.

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Post by JulesCullen »

Interesting theory, but I don't think it would happen quite like that..

As for the biased view, I agree that we don't quite see all the great stuff about them. But when it comes down to Cullens or Volturi, the Cullens are better in so many aspects. The Volturi inflict pain with happiness (Jane), do not understand love (as said in New Moon, they have banded together for a love of power and their age), they do drink human blood (maybe most of the vampires do, but that just makes the Cullens even more special), and the are power-crazy.

As for your opinions on Irina... though we haven't met her, I doubt she would join the Volturi. She is a vegetarian vampire, not to mention a succubus. I just cannot see her with the Volturi. Instead, I see her making ammends with the Cullens.
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i like the volturi as the 'evil people' like they are a creative bunch and the fact that stephenie could think of them is really cool. id like to see them show up in breaking dawn since victoria and james and laurent are dead :)
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