What would Bella's 'GIFT' be?

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Will bella become a vampire?

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Post by valerrrria »

I was re-reading Eclipse and the way Bella explains her mom, I think thats how Bella will be. There is one line that says 'She pierces right to the truth' Something like that.

I think Stephenie was having a good time writing that because (I think) she's pretty much telling us Bellas gift right there.
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Post by Yuukisnowangel »

I think that her powers will have something to do with her ability to take everything so cooly. Maybe shell be able be the perfect lier. That is so different from how she was in the last few books. A terrible lier she was. Itd be a nice change. Or she turns out to make people believe everything she says. She could say a tiger riding on a bicycle on a tight rope said hello to her and whoever Bella told that to would believe her even if they knew that was the stupidest thing theyd ever heard. They wouldnt have the choice. But that sort of fits into the whole lier plan doesnt it. Oh well. :)
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Post by Twinkie »

~Vielka~ wrote:I love the telekinetic idea...

I guess it does make sense...this way she cold move things out of her way!!! ajajajajaja

As much as I would like to think she can retain some of her humanity, I don't think it will work out that way..

Her power has to be linked to her brain...it has to be the reason Edward can't get a read on her thoughts...

Maybe her presense will bring peace to Edward when she is turned? I mean, he can't read her...and the 'power' is supposed to be amplified as a vampire right?

Well I remember that on their way back from Port Angeles, Edward tells her about his ability, and how it's like being in a crowed space (note word for word here) and that you mainly here a muffled sound in the backroung, until he focuses on one person.

I think that must be frustrating...to never have peace of mind, always know or hear what others as thinking...and he doesnt' sleep!!! Man...I would go insane!!!

So, maybe that will be part of what she brings with her when she is turned...peacefullness to Edwards' mind when he is around her...

Just a thought... :?

I think you're on to something with the private mind thing. I think that IF she even has any powers it will do something with why her mind is closed of from others powers.
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Not so sure

Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

SonR wrote:her not liking the smell of blood will die along with her liking of human food.

the only means by which she may have an easier time is that she is going into the change knowing that she'd rather eat animals than poeple
Well I am not so sure... well maybe her acute sense of smell and aversions to certain scents may be carried with her though! It is one of her attributes. :wink:

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Post by SonR »

vampires have an enhance smell anyway. i've always thought of smells as related to what food we like. because you know when you have a cold, you can't taste anything properly because you can't smell the food?
and since the tastes change for a vampire i think that the reactions to smells might too.
i know smell is very powerful for triggering memories, but the vampires say that all their human memories aren't very clear anymore, and smell doesnt seem to trigger anything for them memories wise
if vegeterian vampires only eat animals, what would a vegan vampire eat?
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Post by Living.in.twilight »

This may have already been suggested and if so I apologize. I was wondering if Bella becomes a vampire, and if she were to have a special gift want would it be. I thought about it for awhile and have thought of many different things, some which has already been mentioned.

Bella, though she seems at first to not be replused by vampires drinking human blood..later on she encounters vampires that do actually drink human blood for their diet, she realize that when she becomes a vampire she will have that same blood lust.

I think there could be a possiblity that she will not have that same human blood lust. She has been exposed to the world of vampires and is aware of what they are. She already has a disliking for blood. Even more the better, if she does become a vampire she will not have the disire for human blood.

This does seem too easy and not challenging enough, but it would be a heck a lot easier for her and any potential meals..hehe

Who knows...

wait stephenie does. Nevermind.
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Post by Aria*12 »

goll, its all so confusing! if she can smell blood so well as a human whats going to happen when she's a vampire.....but she hate's the smell of it too, how the heck is that going to play in??!

but this is all considering that she does change.....and ive been wondering how stephenie meyer is going to be able to fit in bella turning into one. you would think that she would like to tell the story of what happens after, but in the first chapter the wedding is still a while away.
maybe bella, when she turns, wont have that whole year of mindless bloodthurst.....because that would be a pretty, well, an interesting story, but stephenie meyer would have to tell what happened at the end of the bloodthurst right?? that's just too much story to fit into one book......

lol, so all in all, i think that bella isnt going to turn into a vampire because there would be so much to write and explain.......BUT i AM still hopeful that bella and edward will be together. lol, heck, maybe there is a cure for edward somewhere.......wait NEVERMIND!!!! that would totally ruin everything about edward.

well, im going to shut up now.......im just confusing myself......lol
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Post by SonR »

my nerouns are starting to hurt, i could really use power #24 right now....

Disclaimer about list:
this list is based on what SonR remembers being mentioned. please tell me if I've left something off, you have something to add
just trying to keep track of everything so new comers can see what is going on without have to read a very long thread

1) telekinetic
2) no thirst
3) rebound/mimic other powers
4) super vampire
5) force field
6) shielding other's minds
7) can not be effected by any vampire power
8 ) bridge to werewolves
9) perception - sees how to protect people- vision or intuition
10) sees/senses/hears the truth - can tell if people are lying
11) sees people's aura/soul/ humanity
12) some formation of combo between 9,10,11
13) mind control - sending people thoughts -- power of suggestion
14) can detach her mind from body (this could tie into 9)
15) extremely desirable
16) no vampire powers can work around her
17) making people feel they are in love
18 ) good luck
19) Laser vision '
20) Healing
21) Sends bad luck to others
22) Mythological creature magnet- including Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
23) Inhibits people from telling lies in her presence
24) Can physically remove head from body and throw it at people
25) Cogent visions -- persuasive
26) Mental gyroscope -- keep her from falling
27) time traveler
28 ) Shape-shifting

this part is my opinion and based on what I remember from people's reasoning's

Clumsy -- 1, 24, 26
Private mind - 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 16, 25 maybe 3
Perceptive - 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 23, 24, 25
Self contained - 7, 10, 14, 24, 25, 26
aversion to blood -2, 4
Humanity - 8, 11, 15, 17, 28
if vegeterian vampires only eat animals, what would a vegan vampire eat?
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Post by bloodbaby1901 »

i dont know if someone already posted this but i think she'll be able to have dreams of the truth because in the books she had that dream about jacob turning into a brown wolf and stuff so yeah... her dreams seem to be a big part of her.
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Post by mariaferzillah »

I think the idea of the humanity is great! She might be able to transform (not completely) herself at will or have human traits, but when she wants. Like, bringing traits. Bella is very humane. Theories of mine:
~No thirst for blood
~Force field
~Time travel

I really don't know, but I go to the Humane ability.
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