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So, today I was thinking (and I do mean today even though it's 2:00AM over here) about some less obvious ways that the play might tie into BD.
1) Multiple plot lines. (I don't really like this one because this is the last book from Bella's perspective and it would be disappointing if it wasn't entirely in her perspective) In the play, there are actually three different plot lines...the lovers,the fairies and the mechanicals...whose stories are only slightly related until the love "spell" comes in and messes everything up. Maybe a similar thing could be going on with the pack and the Cullens? They definitely had different things going on in the first chapter.
2) Time frame. The play starts out days before the wedding between Theseus and Hippolyta and ends right after their wedding (and also Lysander and Hermia's wedding and Demetrius and Helena's wedding). I actually like the idea of having lots of stuff happening in a few days time (I have no idea why) and a wedding would be a happy ending :wink:
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~twilight_princess~ wrote:I'm a little nervous about Breaking Dawn being inspired by A Midsummer's Night Dream because the lovers in it get all mixed up, and I don't want that to happen!!

Actually if you look at the entire series I think SM had MSND in mind while writing all of them. I wouldn't be too fearful about BD in that respect.

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My theory

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Okay so here is my theory. Edward and Bella are obviously Lysander and Hermia. Jacob must be Dimetrius. That leaves us to wonder who Helena could be. This is where I think BD will differ from AMSND. I think Helena and Hermia will not be friends because I think Helena is Leah. So I think before the Wedding Jacob will come back to try to stop it. Leah will give him some insite as far as how to do it because Leah loves Jacob (posibly imprinted on him) and is able to hide it from the rest of the pack by hiding some part of her phyche due to her being a girl. (I'm conviced Leah will become a significant character due to the epilogue of Eclipse and her being a female werewolf) Some wierd kind of voodoo type thing will result in Edward and Jacob both falling for Leah. Bella and Leah will both be upset and bewildered. The rest of the Cullens will set it strait and in the end Bella and Edward and Leah and Jacob will all live happily ever after. The honeymoon scene and will be the big fanale and SM (with her self-admitted twisted sense of humour) will leave us to draw our own conclusion about Bella changing or not. That or it will simply end with some dissatisfying line like "I felt his cold lips carres the soft flesh of my neck once more. I shivered involentarily. "An ending is only a new beggining," he wispered. And then he gave me my new begging" Thats just my overly complex theory though. Or one of my many theories I should say. lol.
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Remember though, BD is loosely tied into MSND. BD won't go step-by-step from MSND. The other books that inspired the Twilight saga basically were based off of characters and for New Moon a little bit of the plot. So we need to look for character connections, general ideas, and vague events that may corespond. Also, MSND has another storyline going with the fairies, and I think that's more of the direction needed to go in, because Hermia and Lysander and the rest of them just doesn't really seem to fit.
I think that the fairy magic is imprinting-Edward already compared this in EC, so I think that is a pretty good hint at where it connects.
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like my students, i forgot everything when we read MSND in middle school so i had to brush up on the play. i didn't understand it (LOL) but when i watched the 1999 movie, it all made sense. i'm excited to see how this'll play out...!
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purdypirate wrote:Edward does avoid the subject of Tanya very adamantly. It may be way to speculative to think she has that power but its a good possiblity. SHe may be very beautiful like Rosalie. Didn't Eddy even say she was beautiful?
I really think that Tanya will show up right before the wedding and try to seduce Edward or something. Edward said that he told Tanya that he wasn't interested, but he never said anything about if she actually gave up on him. I don't think Tanya would like that he chose a regular human girl over her- a succubus!
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Apparently Midsummer night's Dream is about people that have spells put on them to fall in love. I don't know if that's true, that's just what I heard.

This reminds me a bit of imrpinting. I dunno why...

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I AMSND is going to be related to the pack because in EclipseEdward says that the pack reminded him of AMSND, and imprintting is kind of like magic.
This is the quote fro Eclipse:
Edward: "Oh, I know,"he said."The imprinting compulsion is one of the strangest things I've ever witnessed in my life,and I've see some strange things."He shook his head wonderingly."The way Sam is tied to Emily is impossible to describe-or shoul I say her Sam. Sam really had no choice. It reminds me of A Midsummer Night's Dream with all the chaos caused by the fairies' love spells...like magic.He smiled."It's very nearly as strong as the way I feel about you."
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