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to land the plane him self.

Why did Edward think Bella stabbed Jacob in eclipse/
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Because Edward walked in and saw the bloody knife on the counter. er..smelled it?? lol ^^

At the end of Eclipse, what did Edward quote from Wuthering Heights, displaying his true love for Bella???

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I think it was, "I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!"

In new moon, how did everyone vote for Bella's immortality (exact quotes).
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Edward said "Not that way. You are staying Human."
Alice said "Yes."
Jasper said "Yes."
Rosalie said "No."
Emmett said "Hell, Yes!"
Esme said "Yes, of course, Bella. I already think of you as part of my family."
Carlisle said "I guess you know my vote," after Edward got mad and left the table.

What is the color of Sam, Seth, Leah, Jacob, and Paul's fur?

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Post by twilight_cookie »

i think brownish and a little blackish? correct me if i am wrong :roll:

why did edward chose bella over the other vampire girl who liked him? (not that i dont want bella and edward together i just forgot and i cant find it in the book!!)

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Post by DefyxGravity »

SparklePixie wrote: What is the color of Sam, Seth, Leah, Jacob, and Paul's fur?
Sam has Black Fur, Seth has a tan color, Leah has silver/grey fur and Jake has dark brown fur.

How did Edward plan to Kill himself? Did he have a backup, and if so, what was it?
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Post by bookworm09 »

Plan A was to tell the Volturi he wanted to die, and in failing that, Edward planned to provoke them by revealing them to humans (by stepping into the sun)

Why did Rosalie originally dislike Bella?
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Edward fell for Bella but never for Rosalie and she was vain enough to mind.

What did Carlisle's father make that hangs in the Cullen house?

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A hand carved wooden cross.

What does Sam's back fur supposedly suggest?

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Black heart, black fur.

Which was the first painting in Carlisle's study that Edward showed Bella?


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