For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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Barnes and Noble Release Party

Post by Aeternus Sanguis »

So I didn't read all the posts but I gather that most people are probably thinking of attending the Breaking Dawn party at Changing Hands and thats great, not trying to sway you I just want to let you all know whats going on at MY Barnes and Noble (it is mine because I work there and that means I posses it and it does not posses me.... right?)

We are going to have a Prom themed release party with really fun events. There will be prom pictures, live music, special goodies over at the starbucks cafe, trivia (written by me), costume contest, and improv just to name a few things planned. The reason I'm stressing the party at my store is because well... I'm helping plan it and if anyone knows I've been invovled in the scene for a long time and helped plan Eclipse Prom as well. Our party also unlike the ones at other Barnes and Nobles is going to have a grand prize of the signed series (connections yo!). Also unlike Changing Hands you do not have to purchase the book before hand to reserve a copy to be at the store waiting for you. You don't pay or the little sucker until its in your hands at the store. So if you are planning to attend an event in the area, especially a Barnes and Noble mine is absolutely going to be the best one.

Which Barnes and Noble you ask? The one at tempe market place on the corner of Rio Salado and McClintock. Since the boards with be closing if you have any questions you are welcome to e-mail me personally at or come into my Barnes and Noble and ask for Rachul. I can also be reached at my myspace which is

I look forward to seeing old and new faces!
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Post by brianne »

Are any of you making the trek to the LA signing? I just thought it would be nice to know some people from the Lex/AZ that are going before hand. None of my friends are into Twilight, so I guess it's time to make new friends! :wink:
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B&N party in Tucson?

Post by Chinadoll »

Does anyone know about Tucson parties? Some of us Twilight Moms are wondering if we should go to Phoenix or stay in Tucson.
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Post by hayweh »

<b>Chinadoll: </b>If you don't want to come up to phoenix for the Changing Hands or Barnes & Nobel parties, I'm sure you could find a Borders in Tucson thats doing a release party. Im pretty sure that most of them are doing one, but I dont know about barnes and noble.

<b>Rachel:</b> I might try to drop by your barnes & nobel for a bit. I might only be able to go to the changing hands one though. its in tempe market place right?

<b>Anyone who's going to the changing hands release: </b>
Put your emails up so that we can coordinate a bit better before the release party since the Lexicon is shutting down. Or just email me: hayweh@yahoo
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Re: B&N party in Tucson?

Post by twilighter1193 »

Chinadoll wrote:Does anyone know about Tucson parties? Some of us Twilight Moms are wondering if we should go to Phoenix or stay in Tucson.
Ooo! i'm going to the Borders at park place with a bunch of friends! i also know that the Barnes and noble is doing stuff too!
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Post by Chinadoll »

I went to the B&N in Foothills Mall today and they only have 300 books reserved. They will only get as many as they have reserves for. The lady in charge of the party there was very nice, but it doesn't sound like she has anything planned beyond the standard. No dressing up for a wedding or anything like the guys in Phoenix are doing.
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Post by Feathers »

I'm planning on heading to Changing Hands, but I may pop by B&N and wave at Aeternus Sanguis, so if you see some crazy girl in a red dress waving at you, just go "Oh thats just Ren, she's harmless." :roll:

Anyway, anyone interested in coordinating, you can email me at bella_cookies@hotmail

Hope to see you there!!

(We all should do something like wear a checkered scarf so we can pick each other out from the Lexicon)

<3 Ren
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Post by twilightgurl77 »

I'm planning on probably going between the b&n party and the changing hands party. Any one who want to join me is welcome, my friends are slowly bailing on me.

So yeah, just email me with any info on gratherings at
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Post by Brynnie86 »

Who is going to Changing Hands and who is going to Barnes?

I will most likely go to B&N because it is closer to my house. What is Changing Hands doing???
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Post by Daaancewithmeee »

Man I wish Changing Hands wasn't so far away.

I'm out in Peoria so my friends and I are just going to the B&N thats over here. Apparently they are having a Prom-themed party.
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