Starting a Twlight/New Moon LOCAL club?

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Post by musefan »

I'm in phoenix as well, i think it would be a great idea to have a local club! Sounds fun!
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Post by Future-Mrs-Cullen »

i wish i had a fan cluub in my city, and i cant go to pheonix, its way to far away from sspringfield, mo. how do yuou start a local club anywho?

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Post by Nik »

I'm also in the Phoenix area.
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Post by melting into you »

I was wondering the same thing, I'd love to start one in Los Angeles. I'm in the Valley anyone interested PM me. I'm sure my local library would allow us to use their room. I've been there for writers groups.

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Post by Balletgirlwhoreads »

Aww, c'mon! Doesn't anyone want to start a club in Tennessee?! :mrgreen:
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Post by hkgisheather »

Starting one in SC would be really easy.
It was nominated for an award in SC, and a lot
of people have read [and loved] it.
but i don't really have the funds,
and most people don't check these kind of sites
where i live.
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Post by Krystal »

Mmmm... easy (:

- hold weekly or monthly meetings to do this...
- get a bunch of people
- choose a meeting place - friend's house, local park, library or book store if you're lucky
- bring snacks
- bring music
- bring twilight books
- choose club name
- you can discuss what you like about the books, what you didn't, what you think is going to happen etc..
- make some badges or wear something to show you're in this twilight club [e.g black plastic bracelet that you can get anywhere and you could use a glitter pen to write twilight on top etc..]
- another cool idea is all buying cheap plain black t-shirts and getting the word twilight [or the name of your club] sprayed on it

hope this helps darls (:

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Post by Elena Cullen »

this is a cool idea!
you would also talk about theories of what will happen in breaking dawn, or some of the other subtle aspects of mrs. meyer's work...

as for t-shirts, you could find a cool quote and use that as your logo...

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Post by danobanano »

I've often wondered if fans would be willing to pay for an Official Stephenie Meyer Fan Club Membership.
or for that matter:

What could a fan club have to offer you that you can't already get on the NUMEROUS fansites that are out there on the Internet?

How could an Official fan club provide you opportunities to meet other fans in your local area?

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Post by lindsmichelle »

My friend and I were actually thinking of starting one in the Atlanta area. We've already gotten atleast two sorority chapters on our college campus addicted, so they'd be sure to go for it. Anyone in ATL, let me know!

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