Starting a Twlight/New Moon LOCAL club?

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Post by Lilly »

How did you get your club started? Is it like only your friends though?
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Post by dolphindog »

maybe ask your bookstore or librarian? or ask some lexiconerers for help. ..
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Post by danobanano »

A local Twilight Universe fan club (kind of like the local chapters of the Red Hat Society only we are crazy about vampires and werewolf's instead of Red Hats and purple dresses) is a fantastic idea. I tried calling one Twilighters Anonymous in Salt Lake City; I only got a few bites here on the Lexicon. Mostly it's just my friends who get together. I have gone to a couple of local book clubs around my neighborhood when Twilight was the book of the month. But other than that, my husband has a limit on my obsessive compulsiveness. :wink:
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Post by Ruby Diamond »

Oh, was there something going on in Salt Lake? I'm just down in Provo.

As far as ideas for starting your club, you could try to get some kind of sponsor, but that might be kind of constraining -- red tape and such. It might be fun to just get a group started and have one person be in charge every month (or however often you want to meet) and then just add more members as word gets out. The Lexicon is, of course, a great place to advertise.

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Post by lilacjade »

I would love to have a local club, I live in Phoenix but I would totally drive to Tucson. But hurry up and get it started! I'm moving to CO in two months!!

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Post by IsabellaMarieSwanCullen »

im in kansas,dangit,why cant i move to arizona?!?Anyway try getting on all your sites you are a member of and chatting with people.I have an online club at girlsense.if you are interested of course!my username is MissTwilight13.

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Post by cacophoni »

I lived in Tucson for 4 years... I miss it! Tell me if this gets started. I would totally fly down to visit. :D

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Post by Follow the Butterflies »

I'd be interested in helping organize a group in Phoenix. That would be really fun.

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Post by fantastyfreak »

We need one in the Philly area! If no one else does before me, I'll start my own!

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Post by Ooh Takeoutt »

I would love to start one in the north hollywood/burbank/studio city/toluca Lake CA area.

If anyone is interested PM me.
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