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Post by rainydays_alanna »

i love the german covers, they're so elegant
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Wow, the German cover is beautiful!! :shock: The girl don't look like Bella though, but it's okay..
Sorry, but i think the Japan cover was kind of boring..
The american is still my favourite 8)

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Post by newm00n »

Kaedtiann wrote:Gorgeous!

I am glad that the American/Canadian covers don't ever show 'Bella's' face, though, because though this cover is beautiful, the model doesn't really look like Bella to me.
I toally agree. I don't like having models for the cover. I like the American covers because they're very abstract and artistic, leaving us to imagine.

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Post by LaraCullen »

Yay, in the "Twilight Translations"-thread everyone says that the German translation would be terrible... So I'm glad that at least the cover goes down well (I'm German, you know?) But I really like the cover of the original. It's beautiful. But, as I said, it's cool that so many of you like the German one :D Ask me if you have got any questions about the German cover, I'm an expert :)
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Post by Nik »

Does anybody know where I can buy a copy of ANY of the book translations (besides Spanish)??? :shock:
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Post by Penny »

yeah, they're awesome!
im going to buy the english-versions of the books, too.
to compare both will be interesting, because just the german ones were so exciting to read! :D

.. and i can't wait that long for the breaking dawn translation!
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Post by Awakening »

Beautiful :)
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Post by hkgisheather »

Jasper wrote:The German Eclipse cover:

it's really pretty. :]
but it doesn't look like Bella to me, either.
the girl on the UK cover especially doesn't look like her to me,
she looks more like Alice.
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Post by Krystal »

the german covers are stunning
thanks for the share (:


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Re: Title Translation

Post by smalltowngirl »

[quote="snow"]Does anyone here speak German?
(I do.)
I think the Bis/Biss thing is a bit corny. They should have just left it..

Hey, I'm German, too, and although it's a bit late to reply (sorry, snow) I totally agree. I normally don't like it when you want to express two entirely different meanings by a simple bracket like in Bis(s). Maybe that's the reason why I read it in English *smile*.

But I appreciate that the non-Germans like our covers. I also like them, as well the American ones. In my opinion they are simple and express the mood of the series - does that sound weird?
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