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Post by Jasper »

The German Eclipse cover:

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

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Post by TwilighTony »

The German covers are really awesome; it's cool that they all match, too. Sort of like the American covers: all black with one symbolic object. I still like the American covers more, though.
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Post by edward*is*awesome21 »

Kaedtiann wrote:Gorgeous!

I am glad that the American/Canadian covers don't ever show 'Bella's' face, though, because though this cover is beautiful, the model doesn't really look like Bella to me.
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Post by Anthea »

I like the spanish cover (the american cover too, because is the same jeje)

But the german covers are beautiful too!!! :D
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Post by Taxi »

Oh, la la!
The German Eclipse cover is gorgeous!

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Post by Shuntiana »

Anyone else think the cover of the Japanese one looks like Bleach??

It won't let me show the image, so you'll just have to open the link >.< ... ojapon.gif

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Post by Eternity »

I'm not a huge fan of book covers featuring models. It is gorgeous not doubt but I find that if I don't like the image o the cover I still can't get it out of my head. It bugs me.
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Title Translation

Post by snow »

Does anyone here speak German?
(I do.)
I think the Bis/Biss thing is a bit corny. They should have just left it Bis and let the reader make the connection!

I'll explain if you don't know what the title means. "Bis" means until. "Biss" means bite, used as a noun.

"Bis zum Morgengrauen" is the title for Twilight, and it means Until Predawn, or if you use "Biss" its Predawn Bite. Well, Morgengrauen is morning grey, you know, when it's light out but the sun has not risen. Predawn isn't really a word but I don't know what the English word for that would be.
An alright title, since Edward stays with her in the night and leaves when the sun rises?? Well, it's no worse than Twilight.

"Bis zur Mittagstunds" is Until Noon, or with "Biss", Bite at Noon. This is appropriate either way, since Edward plans his Volterra suicide for noon, and the Volturi could have bitten Bella around noon when she gets there.

"Bis zum Abendrot" means Until Sunset, or literally "evening red" instead of sunset. (or Bite at Sunset if you go with "Biss".) I'm not sure how well it fits. The red kind of alludes to blood and death and love... And for Bite at Sunset it could mean that Edward will bite her when the "day" (more of her life and not immediately) is done.

What do you think?

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Post by xXTwilightGrlXx »

It looks awesome (sorry I had to copy Jacob :twisted: )

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Post by silverhearts8594 »

Shuntiana wrote:Anyone else think the cover of the Japanese one looks like Bleach??

It won't let me show the image, so you'll just have to open the link >.< ... ojapon.gif
I think the Japanese covers look OK, they are just not the style that I prefer. I probably like them mainly becuase I have a friend who is obsessed with drawing like that, so I might be a little biased. One thing I do like about the Japanese covers, though, is that they all fit together so well. It just kind of tends to bother me when the covers don't look like the books are related. OK, end of rant.

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