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Re: Title Translation

Post by Penny »

smalltowngirl wrote: But I appreciate that the non-Germans like our covers. I also like them, as well the American ones. In my opinion they are simple and express the mood of the series - does that sound weird?
not at all!^ :wink:

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Post by Mielle »

Hey there!
I agree with smalltowngirl :D
I am also German and I also think that "Bis(s) is a bit corny and I actually I like the American covers better...
My best (German^^) friend though loves the German cover, she actually let her mom give her the book for her birthday because she liked the cover so much. She didn't even know, what it was about. As she found out, that it is about vampires, she made her friend read it first, so that she could tell her, if the book is worth reading, lol. (Of course she said it was 8) )
I read the Twilight series in English and recently I read some of it in German - sometimes the translation definitely is terrible!! I am happy that I read it in English :-)
@Smalltowngirl: "Zweitens, ein Teil von ihm - und ich wusste nicht, wie maechtig dieser Teil war - duerstete nach meinem Blut."
I mean it's nice, that they try to translate it close the the original but who who ever say that?? ;-) :roll:

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Is anyone out there?

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Post by Mi*Chelly »

The German covers are beautiful. I still love the original, but I think I will see about getting the German books... Ok, I have two reasons.. One, I want to get back into learning German, and two, they are so pretty... Anyone know a good book store in Bitburg? LOL

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Post by leela0687 »

I like the German covers they are a little bit more appealing to the eyes, like if your walking in a store your more than likely going to look at the german cover before the one with just an apple, the apple reminds me of snow white, so I wouldn't have thought twice about the book it it hadn't been for a friend of mine.
My votes for Jacob :-)


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Spanish Covers

Post by IrishPrincess76 »

Does anyone know where I can find the covers of these books in their Spanish form? Are they different than the ones here in the US?

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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Re: Title Translation

Post by Nadja »

[quote="smalltowngirl"][quote="snow"]Does anyone here speak German?
(I do.)
I think the Bis/Biss thing is a bit corny. They should have just left it..

I speak german to, im half danish half german.
(Meine Mutter kommt aus Deutschland)

I completely agree with you, they should have left the Bis/Biss thing out... but I still prefer the german covers, I just think they are so much prettier (sorry America)

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Post by BellaSwanCullen »

Ooooh...I love the effect of that cover. It looks nice, but the American covers are still my favorites. They're artistic, simple and gorgeous.

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