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german cover

Post by Lunalux »

Hello. I've register me on this board, because I can't find a email adress on stephenies homepage. Now, I have a picture from the german cover of New Moon and I would give this the leader of for put it in the gallery.
Maybe, someone of the administratiors can give it to him?

This is the image: ... stunde.jpg

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Post by Hellish Red Devil »

What a gorgeous cover! You can mail it to Stephenie's webmaster at

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Post by ^ Alice ^ »

Beautiful cover!!!! It matches with the Twilight one. :wink:
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Post by dolphindog »

so pretty! :wink:
-jessica- :D
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Post by Kaedtiann »


I am glad that the American/Canadian covers don't ever show 'Bella's' face, though, because though this cover is beautiful, the model doesn't really look like Bella to me.
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Post by Stephanie_Lee »

That is such a cool cover. I like some of the foreign ones more than the American ones. Yes, they're pretty, but... some of the others just tell more to me.
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Post by pela41 »

i like it without her on the cover also. it leaves you to be creative and imagine her yourself.
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Post by linda »

pela41 wrote:i like it without her on the cover also. it leaves you to be creative and imagine her yourself.
ditto =D
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Post by eternal_love »

I like the americans more... but the my german fav is the twilight cover. The backside looks really amazing.. :D

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Post by emilyinforks »

looks like I will be purchasing the German version of New Moon to go with my Twilight! Gorgeous!
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