A girl can dream can't she? Fan Trip Twilight/New Moon style

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Post by Linnylou »

that would be the best tip ever! not that i would ever be able to get there. If only i had family in those states!
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Post by Infinite Twilight *A* »

Does anyone know when they are filming the Twilight movie prom scene part at the Inn place...? or has it already been filmed?

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Post by Linnylou »

i think they are filiming now
"Fall dwn again Bella?"
"No Emmett I punched a warewolf in the face!"

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Post by MissJenna84 »

hmmm, seems as though everyone ignored my post here. =[
boo you guys, boo.

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Post by mrsedwardcullen24 »

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to go on that kind of trip! Of course, though, my parents would never let me, so maybe one of you could kidnap me... :D

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Post by RainyForks »

Oooooooooh! That's totally what I imagined Volterra like! Wow!

I so would love to go there some day. *sigh*

Evidently not in the forseeable future though.

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Post by Future-Mrs-Cullen »

yeah, money's an issue, but i am totally saving up for it, because its worth it. I plan on moving after the school year of 09 -10 anyway. Twilight made me realize how much ive always loved rain, so i thought why not?

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Post by CamberXite »

I think thats a grrrreat Idea!! IM IN! <3
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Post by truly_obsessed »

I did a pilgrimage to Forks in June. It was GREAT. We left the husbands and kids behind.
Our site has all of the details. (http://www.freewebs.com/twilighttrip)

We are starting to plan another trip. This time we might be so crazy to include Denali and Vancouver. If anyone has been to either of these places we would love to hear from you.
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Post by Kikinaru »

I went to Italy over the Summer prior to reading the books. We spent two weeks there (yay high school choir!!) and when I got back, read the books, found out Volterra was a real place and looked it up I found that I WAS JUST MILES FROM VOLTERRA. Very depressing. My one trip to Italy...

Oh, and I used to live in Vancouver, WA then Auburn, WA... Just miles from Forks.

I keep being close to these places and then missing them by just a few miles. T_T Much sadness.

The best way to do this would be to probably go during off seasons (which means no summer...i know a lot of people have school. maybe winter break? cold...but cheaper) Oh, and the bf just suggested selling candy bars or something mentioned earlier outside the movie theatre during opening night of the Twilight Movie (which means clearing it with the theatre) and in the borders or barnes and nobles during release parties.

maybe pics with edward/jacob/emmett/jasper/carlisle look-a-likes or something.

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