A girl can dream can't she? Fan Trip Twilight/New Moon style

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Post by Dreams_Beyond_Expectation »

OMG, no way!!! Lucky you! Looks like all of us just got a little piece of information to use on our parents. "But it's Rick Steve's favourite place to go and he knows ALL the best places!" When are you going to Italy, Twilight<3?
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Post by Twilight<3 »

I know I was going crazy! I'm so excited and that's perfect information to use. I'm going there in a couple months. I'll take lots of pictures and post them when I get back! :)
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Post by Dreams_Beyond_Expectation »

Please do!!! And if you find that fountain...look for the alley! Who knows what you might find!!

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Post by shiny_volvo_owner »

Twilight<3 wrote:I'm going to Italy this year with my family and when they asked me where I wanted to go, I said Volterra. So then they talked to the Rick's Steves people and they said Volterra was Rick Steve's favorite place! Now, we're going to go to Volterra. I'm soo excited!
I'm actually headed to Italy, too, at the end of March. The friend I'm going with (who has never read Twilight) independently suggested that Volterra might be a cool place to check out, and it's nice to know Rick Steves gives it a thumbs up. I didn't want to drag my friend there just so I can live out my Twilight obsession, but it sounds like it's a great place for non-Twilighters too :)

Has anyone been there before? I'd love to see pictures.

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Post by rainydays_alanna »

this has always been my secret ambition in life...haha i know it's pathetic. me and my friends talk about it all the time, visiting forks and all, hopefully we'll do it sometime just b/c it would be amazing
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Post by Wolf Girl »

God, I would love to go to a twilight fan trip :)
I'm going to Italy this summer, but the place I'm going to is very far from Volterra :( ... I could try to make my family change the flight tickets so that we could stop near Volterra, but why should they want to go there when they want a holiday in Sicily?.. :roll:

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Post by Future-Mrs-Cullen »

Oh my god! I'm not alone! I've been wanting to go to Volterra too! Only, I want to do something I would not do in my town. I want to run across the square screaming "Edward!" at the top of my lungs. Then I thought, hey, why not on March 19? But then I wanted to make it even better. I decided I had to run across the square at noon. Though, I would probably pull a Bella while I was running, knowing my luck. :oops:

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Post by Krystal »

Nawww all those lucky people going... so envious of you right now! It will be a trip of a lifetime *sighs* (:

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another idea

Post by MissJenna84 »

While I would LOVE to do something like this, you're right, money is an issue. I would totally save up for it, if something were actually set up for this.... but I was thinking.....

for now, what if we found someone in (or near) EACH city of the book to take pictures and post them for us?! we could start a new thread "are you in or near...... (name of city)" or something like that, OR we could have a person sign up to visit each place, no matter how far they are... or even a small group for each place. We'd get to meet other Twilight fans, AND see what we're reading about! of course there would be a lot of safety procedures to go over, but I think of these could be done... what do you guys think?!

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Post by IrritableGrizzly »

Oooooooooooo this sounds amazing! :) and fun! I can't wait! I'll work for a whole summer to get enough money to go!! :D Visiting Volterra sounds awesome :)
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