A girl can dream can't she? Fan Trip Twilight/New Moon style

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The trip sounds awesome to do for us fans...i agree maybe we should try and sell stuff to help with the cost....count me in...
LOL! My first thought was going door to door selling $1 candy bars. "Would you buy one for my trip to Forks? I know you've never heard of it, but trust me, it's purely educational!" LOL

lol screw the candy bars, im in australia so how much can you get for a kidney on the black market???
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yeah that is an awesome idea. i am going to tuskcanny this summer though so i might get to go to volterra.

p.s jazzygeorgie i love your quote from pride and prejudice!
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we're going..

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My sisters and I are going to Forks in February for 3 days....anyone want to meet up and be crazy obsessed stalkers with us?

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My friends are all seniors this year, so after they graduate we plan on taking a road trip up to Forks. We only live about two hours away from the Phoenix airport, but we're poor and so it is cars for us. However, if anyone wants to go this summer, let me know and we can be up there at the same time.

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Post by VampireLover57 »

Wow, jazzygeorgie! That's an awesome idea! That would be SOOOOO cool! Espesially to go with other fans! :D There's no way I'd be able to do it, but it WOULD be really cool! And if you ever get to do it, I hope you guys have a tericffic time! :D
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That would be an AMAZING trip!
I'd totally go.

I'd want to find the meadow, and all the places that were described in the book.
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Post by Rayburn »

I can't believe it took me this long to check out this thread - you'd think after lurking for a couple of years I'd find it.... I must just be slow. :roll:

So, I'm super excited to see this come up here, because as soon as Wendy (my aunt), Danielle (a friend), and I got back from the Georgia signing, we decided we had to have a Twilight trip for the Breaking Dawn tour or release. We've got it entirely planned out, down to every place we want to visit and find and things we want to do there. I've even started making these (*cough*dorky*cough*) three-ring binders detailing every little part of our trip to give to everyone who is going with us (we have about 14 people in our group). The pages in it go over the plans for each day, the directions and details on each location (using information/directions from the books for places like Edward's meadow), funds, etc. It's extremely detailed, down to where we're lodging to what airline we're using, the cars we're renting (anyone want to guess what type of car? :wink: ) to where and what we're eating. The only things we're missing are dates.

It would be beyond amazing to meet up with a group from here. I agree that we should organize a huge trip, to meet up and have fun going through the settings of the book, doing the things the characters do (mushroom ravioli and Coke at La Bella Italia, anyone? Baseball? Cliff diving? Some motorcycle fun?)...

Our plan was to fly to Seattle and stay the night of Stephenie's Breaking Dawn date there (granted she has one, as she did last tour). And then from there head to La Push. (We're staying in La Push at the ocean park resort instead of finding a hotel). But if there was another time you guys wanted to go, our group would be willing to meet at another date - as long as it's not too soon. I've still got to have a job for a few months to pay for it. Of course, we're too poor to go to Volterra or extend the trip to Phoenix, but I think it'll be just as much fun sticking around the Forks/La Push/Port Angeles areas. We're planning a Volterra trip for when we're not on the verge of being poor college students. :wink:

I hope we can organize something!

Oh, if anyone wants the pages from my dorky little binders, let me know and I'd be more than happy to send them to you, once I get them all typed up. But I'm positive there's nothing in them you guys didn't already have in mind. :)

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Post by Alice's_little_sis »

I would so love to go! :D

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*sigh* Sadly, no Phoenix for me. I'm not too disappointed about Forks because I've lived in Washington for 14 years, so I know pretty much what it looks like because it looks like home! I'm in England though, so Italy is a bit more feesible. I'm going to Athens for hols in March, but there's no way of going to Italy. It's through one of the departments at my uni, so no ammending the schedule or travelling separately. Plus, I can't really afford to travel separately and extend the trip. Unfortunately. However, there is always next year! :) I think that there was some sort of grant available through my hall of residence for a travel grant as well, up to £500 ($1,000 roughly).

Anyway, I think that's a fabulous idea to do a Twilight Tour! I've not done one of the Harry Potter ones, but I hear that they're quite good. I bet that after a few of the films come out and more people start reading the books (meaning a larger fanbase), some sort of Twilight Tour will pop up. Here's to hoping!

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I'm going to Italy this year with my family and when they asked me where I wanted to go, I said Volterra. So then they talked to the Rick's Steves people and they said Volterra was Rick Steve's favorite place! Now, we're going to go to Volterra. I'm soo excited!
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