A girl can dream can't she? Fan Trip Twilight/New Moon style

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The Weasel
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Post by The Weasel »

I would so do this. I have a fund for Europe when I get my degree (it's like my graduation gift since I already have a car) but I would so rather do this, hahaha.
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Post by BlackRaven2106 »

yup im so going to Forks (well someday) and when ive
convinced my friends to read the books
im taking them with me!

and of course we will drop in La Push and Port Angeles :D

...and Italy is a must!
but all in good time :)

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Post by bella_baby08 »

ok i must say that my jaw dropped as soon as i read this considering me and my friends have been thinking about doing the same thing....

wow how much more fun it would be if we all went!!! this is muuucho exciting and im totally in...ive been saving for a trip like this forever and as of now have about $1,600 saved up =]

great idea ♥♥
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Post by Talias_a_cullen »

i just wrote this long donkey message and then it got erased so ima keep this short. lets do it. our fearless leaders where talking about doing something like this but it didnt work out. so im down with whoever else wants to try and do something like this
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Post by sistergrimm »

I want to organize this. I need a lot of adults to validate it though. And maybe a Twilight Con too?
Oh yeah, baby! Twilight CON! Who's with me? Can anyone host it? Or knows of a good cheap hotel?
And the fan trip too!
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Post by lovesalice »

so i'm all for the fan trip! but whats a twilight con? but you seriously need to organize it! i definately want to go. my friends and i are 18+ so we don't really need an adult to go with us maybe.. but i know others would

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vary cool

Post by tashamobasha »

oh that would be so much fun, i would love to go to forks and just dream the maybe i was walking where edward walked :D
i love to go to new places and see new things. :D
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Post by ShoriCullen »

I would love to go, it would be sooo cool
but money is the problem...but I'll go eventually..I hope.
I've been to Rome so thats one down lol
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Post by IsabellaMarieSwanCullen »

I would love to go,but we had bankrupcy few years back. :(

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Post by cacophoni »

I might be able to do it. I lived in Tucson, AZ for a while and I've been meaning to visit. So that means it'd be pretty easy for me to get up to Phoenix.

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