A girl can dream can't she? Fan Trip Twilight/New Moon style

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Post by Ginnyelle »

ooooooooooh brellant idea me and my bff aregoing on a trip to forks this summmer :o :D very happy but now that you are saying this im thinkin maybe we can convince r perentals to let us tour twilight sights!!! :o oh just thinking about is is giving me the chills thanks 4 the idea!!! oooooooooh and ( we had planed 2 drive up there in a yellow 911 tubo porshe but settled for the rabbit instead (we had to make all the money for this trip) so maybe we could if we chip u the rest of are money ) (i dont mind sleeping in a car... :wink: ) G.E.
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Post by rapid_reader »

This would be the BEST TRIP EVER!!! I would scream my head off if I could do something like this!
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Post by lovetoread_wanttoact »

Yhh I think that would be a great idea. Any chance there could be a plane flight over to the USA for all of us over here in the UK :D :D

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Re: A girl can dream can't she? Fan Trip Twilight/New Moon s

Post by reallifebella17 »

jazzygeorgie wrote:So, this all started when I went to see CASINO ROYALE and saw my fave car, the Aston Martin, up on screen. All I could think of was Edward. Luckily, I went with my good friend who is almost done New Moon and knew exactly who I was thinking about when I looked at him. Then, today he IM;s me about how he wants to go to VOLTERRA and sends me this link:

http://goeurope.about.com/library/phot/ ... erra_1.htm

So, I "ohhh" and "ahh" over how it looks just as Steph described it in New Moon. Then he asks if Forks is a real place and I inform him that it is. So, I get this link:


I've been to Rome (2 years ago) and I've been to Phoenix (9 years ago) and started thinking, wouldn't it be fun and exciting to do a fan trip? They have Harry Potter ones in England! We could start at Phoenix, go to Forks and tour the area, maybe take in Seattle (was there about 5 years ago) since she talked about that alot, then back to Phoenix and for the people that could afford it (plane fare at the right time of the year wouldn't be too awful!) head out to Volterra! Tuscany is beautiful---sigh---!

I know money is always an issue, but this IS fun to think about and talk about where you'd like to go, what you HAVE to see, what you would want to do while in Forks, or Phoenix or Italy...a girl can dream can't she? Heck, even just a tour around Forks and the Olympic Peninsula would be great fun.

So, I just had to post my thoughts and see what everyone else thought. If this has been brought up, I apologize. I wasn't sure where to post this and didn't see a thread similar to "Fan Trip" out there!

That would be fun!
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Post by Nikita »

You know, I keep toying with the idea of a Twilight Road Trip. If gas prices would stop increasing, perhaps I could talk some people into joining me - and making it a cross-country camping trip as well. So many good, wonderful experiences to be had... I just don't want to break the bank.

However, I do have plans to take a cross-country trip as soon as I graduate college - in two years, with my boyfriend. I'll just sneak in a few places. They won't make a lot of sense to him, but they'll totally make the trip even more special to me. :)

I just have to be patient, I guess. Two years is an awful long time, though...

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Post by Zuzu »

lol The f word! Esme would be disappointed this forum + the admins vulgar language is ugly black motherfuckers

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Post by CamberXite »

:shock: Excuse me? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Have some respect!
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Post by JessB »

My sister lives up in Olympia (she moved from the Scottsdale area of Phoenix to the Olympic peninsula...haha) BUt she went to Forks, La Push and Port Angeles and took a bunch of pictures! Its exactly how Stephenie described it! You can see the pics here

http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b349/ ... o%20Forks/

Sorry about all the dogs. My sister loves photography and her fav subject is her dogs!
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Post by DearrAbby »

ooOOOOo, great photos JessB!

I'm definitely hoping to go to Volterra next year since I'm studying abroad in Spain all year! Let's just hope I can rope a few others into going with me!

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Post by allixTE »

I'm going to Italy next year, i didn't even think about trying to see Volterra.
I'll have to do that.

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