Bellas Lullaby

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Bellas Lullaby

Post by vampgirl9 »

I heard a rumor that Robert is going to (or already did) write Bellas Lullaby for the movie!!
What are your opinions on the choice to leave the lullaby in his care? Do you think that he will do a good job?
honestly i didnt even know that Robert was musical.

Also what do you think the lullaby sounds like? I looked up some songs and right now i feel that it will sound kind of like River Flows by Yiruma.

If you have any news about this subject please post!!
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Post by Brynnie86 »

I think it's great that Robert is in charge of writing the lullaby. Honestly, this is the first news I've heard of it, but I like the idea. After all he is the closest representation of Edward we're likely to see. He is a great actor, judging by what I've seen of him in the Harry Potter series, so he must have gotten in Edward's shoes as best he could. I say, bring it on Robert. It's your time to shine. Let's see what you've got!
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Post by The_Lions_Lamb »

i watch the interview when kristen told a reporter that he was writing the lullaby. at first i was shocked because i never knew he was musicaly inclined, i was just worried if it would be in the right hands knowing that the lullaby plays a big role in the book. but i think its going to make robert more like edward because well edward wrote the lullaby so robert should write the lullaby for the movie. that doesnt reallly make since lol but i dont really kno how else to explain it. if you understand grest if you dont im really sorry :D
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Post by OCD »

Actually, its complete- Ill find it for you in the morning :)

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Post by skarlet7 »

I think Rob would be perfect writing the song and I hope they use his version of it!I know I have read where Katherine Hardwick < said he was writing a song and they may use it when Its done.I cant wait till the sound track is out!
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Post by Edward's Vampheart »

There's already a thread for Bella's Lullaby. I think it's in the Quench Your Thirst Thread, so I'd go chat about it there. :D

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