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HEy thanks they have some nice info...
i've never heard of them before.

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TeamEdward:D wrote:hey thanks...
but where'd you get that information bellacullen13?

The event sounds nice... do you think the whole blue october thing will be like a concert? like everyones cheering? or just like song where everyone shuts up?
Well, I think I got that off of the website, or the PDF file on SM's site.

I think it will be like a concert (so Im going to need to listen to those songs before I get there).

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I was dying when I heard the announcement. Of all the music on her playlists, Blue October is my favorite! I'll have to do the online thing and get a listen in. I've never heard them (or him, I guess) live before. It's going to be great for everyone who got tickets! :D
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