Breaking Dawn release date for Ireland?????

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Breaking Dawn release date for Ireland?????

Post by nika »

I hope that I won´t ask a question that has already been asked or answered, but -please!!- I need this information!!!! It´s really important to me!!!
When will Breaking Dawn be released in Ireland??
I couldn´t find a precise answer (maybe I´m just too stupid to understand :) ), but I have to know it exactly... because I really have a big problem - I have already ordered the book, but when it will arrive, I´ll already be on holidays!!!! Grrr!!! :shock: I can´t bear to wait over a month longer!!!! Impossible! ( :wink: ) So I thought of buying it in Ireland (clever girl that I am :wink: ), but I have to know when it´ll be available there since I´m going to stay at some godforsaken place and have to plan my visit to a bigger town (since that´ll be quite a journey :wink: ) exactly....
Please, help me!
Yours sincerely,
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Post by Edward's Vampheart »

Hey! :D

I did a little searching cause I was feeling helpful today:

Here it says August 4 or 5.

That's like the same as Oz! :lol:

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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

I imagine it will be the same as the UK - which is probably the 4th.
But there hasn't been any confirmation, so it could still be the 2nd (please!)
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