BD - 8/12 Seattle @ Benaroya Hall

News and announcements pertaining to Stephenie Meyer.
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BD - 8/12 Seattle @ Benaroya Hall

Post by Cocoa »

8/12 - Seattle @ Benaroya Hall

Breaking Dawn/ Blue October signing

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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

I think I will get airline tickets this week & go to this event. (Im in Houston so none of these are close, but If I go to Seattle, I can visit Forks & my mom wanted to go to Seattle anyhow.)

I hope more info comes out today like how to get tickets & everything (is this a ticketed event? I would assume so) because airfair is going up.

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Post by alliegracee »

skgjag I'M GOING :D!!!!!!!!
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Post by Kacie »

count my husband and I in! Hopefully we'll get our Breaking Dawn signed and have the full set!

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I can't wait

Post by Bella_twin »

i'm definitely going to that and it's only like a 2 hour drive from where i live. I can't wait. So when are tickets being sold for seattle?
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Post by DoubleTake »

I'm going!!! yay all the way from Alberta, Canada.
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Post by got_edward? »

i am sooooooooooooo excited!!!!! i havent gotten any books signed so this is my time!!!! i cant wait! now i will have to start a countdown for this, too... :D
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Post by vampgurl »

Im going!!!!!!!!! This will be my first time to one of her book signings and i'm glad that i am able to make it to the best one!!! i live like 3 hours from seattle so i plan on going the day before to get a good spot!!!!! i can't wait!!! i am planning a big group thing so anyone that lives between Woodland, Wa and Seattle contact me and maybe we can work something out, like helping to pay for gas or something. i have like 5 more seats open in my durango!! I don't know, i don't have all the details planned but thats what i got so far!!!
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Post by ~Ann »

Ooh, I really want to go to this! Seattle's like a nine hour drive, and hopefully I'll be able to get work off! I'm soooo excited she's coming back out west again!

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Post by faizacullen »

oh my goodness i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would sleep in a gutter for those tickets. lol
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