BD - 8/7 Los Angeles @ Royce Hall

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Post by i_love_jacob<3 »

wow. There's no excuse for me not to go! I live like 15-20 minutes from there! YAY!
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Post by brianne »

I think the flight may be cheaper for us from Arizona, right now it's only $140ish round trip, much cheaper than any one person paying for the gas there and back.
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Post by Serenity Volturi »

Trying to connect with people that I know that has read the Twilight series while I'm typing this and SCREAMING at the top of my lungs because I'm so psyched out!!! Ahhh!!!! Can't wait!!! Need to make plans. If there are any people out there who need people to hang out with, I'm people and you don't need to be alone!!!

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Post by dhfreak »

I am so going... I live like 20 min away depending on traffic. See you guys there. Can't wait to buy my ticket... lol... PM... me if you
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Post by MageYuri387 »

ZOMG, I am so excited! All I could do was scream when I found out she was going to L.A. Hopefully I can make it. I wonder where Royce Hall is... XD

I'd love to go. I'll have to start planning it now though, unlike last time. :D I'd love to see you all there, too! :D
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Post by brianne »

Royce Hall is at UCLA...
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Post by vegasn8ive »

I called to inquire about capacity. I was told that Royce Hall had a maximum of 1,800. That's not bad compared to the one in Seattle with a max of 550 or the Chicago one with a max of 800. As of right now, we are thinking we will fly out for this one.
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Post by LotRTwilighter »

Ahhhh!! OME I'm so excited! I can't wait to go and see her and Blue October!!! I want the tickets to come on sale now!!!
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Post by CullenWannaB »

When do tickets go on sale? Anyone?
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LA signing

Post by Artemis Cullen »

Oh my gods! I would really love to go, but I have to convince my parents to let me go. Shoot! I'll try to find a way, I have to it's going th be one of her last tours/book signings for a while. No!!(I'm crazy! :shock: ) Oh well I'll see if I can go.*sigh* :|
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