BD - 8/7 Los Angeles @ Royce Hall

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BD - 8/7 Los Angeles @ Royce Hall

Post by Cocoa »

8/7 - Los Angeles @ Royce Hall

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Post by AlwaysEdwards »

Hey! woops I though this was the NY one!
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Post by Erynn »

Oh I'd love to go!

Wonder if it is limited though, and you will have to pay to go? -Le sigh-
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Post by Aynsley »

It's at 8 pm, at UCLA, so a hotel for the night is probably a good idea.

Erynn, tickets are $25.

Is there any chance the mods could set up threads for requested cities so we could set up car pools/caravans? I live in Las Vegas, and it's definitely drivable, but gas is so expensive that I probably won't go if I'd be driving it alone. I know I'm not the only person who feels that way.
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Post by brianne »

I'm in Arizona (a little hurt that she's not doing one in her home state) anyway I think I may fly out for the LA event. Any other Arizonans going too?
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Post by Ooh Takeoutt »


I'm going! are tickets limited?
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Post by Aynsley »

I'm pretty sure there is a limit, but Royce Hall is aren't on sale yot, though.
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Post by twilightgurl77 »

Totally excited about this. I can most definitly make the trip from az to this. YAY
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Post by Feathers »

I'm also tenatively planning on driving from Arizona... anyone interested in carpooling, PM me.

I may end up being late, though. I can't get out of Arizona that day until 2pm, and it's about a 7 1/2 hour drive? Is that accurate? Regardless, I still plan on going.

<3 Ren
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Post by tdark0 »

Sweet! I cannot wait for this.
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