BD-8/1 New York City @ Nokia Theater at Times Square

News and announcements pertaining to Stephenie Meyer.
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Post by PEL »

Alphie, Be My Escape, possibly Ambereyes and I will all be at this event. I don't know that we are going to line up especially early since it is standing only. We figured we'd wander around the venue looking at shirts, talking to fans, etc.

Also FYI, for people needing books at midnight, I offer the following locations that aren't on a prom theme (I don;t know about you all, but I'm not wearing fancy prom clothes to the Nokia theater):

Virgin Atlantic (store is across the street from the Nokia) it's open til 2:00am on Fridays and Saturday's all the time. Last year we got books there for Eclipse. I recommend contacting the store if you want to do this as they don't usually get huge quantities.

Borders Columbus Circle. Great location, five minute cab ride. 59th Street and 8th ave. It's in this big glass building that houses a lot of shops (it's the former NY Coliseum site for all you NYC history buffs) This is where we are going to be

Borders Fort Lee
(If you are heading back to NJ it's right over the GW Bridge)

Boarders Glendale (If you are heading back to Queens and Long Island) right off the LIE

I'll check with other book sellers and report back more when I have more info, the above people are all having midnight release parties, or are open at midnight.
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Post by Aiko »

The whole Blue October fans buying up the tickets thing kind of annoys me because Blue October is still touring and this is the last tour Stephenie will be doing for a while. This could be a once in a lifetime thing for some people.

And I'm just putting this out there: If anyone has an extra ticket, Email me at and I will be forever grateful.

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Post by snowysuzy »

I got mine and two for my sis and my best friend. I'm so excited. We almost didn't get them cause Ticketmaster was bugging out. But I'm excited to go and I can't wait to experience it. Hope to see some of you there.
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Post by Arukaido »

I was just in NY. :?

I would absolutely LOVE to go, but I live in the south and there is no way my parents would consider it. :cry: Expecially since I just got back.
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Post by virgo527 »

yeah I didn't think the Blue October doing the stops with Stephanie would be a bad thing, but about 8 of my friends who love Justin got tickets- my computer froze in the middle of obtaining tickets :( and they have never read Twilight nor have any intentions to...I wonder how many more of those who got tickets are solely going for Justin...

I as well am throwing this out there...any spare ticket(s): thank you so much! congrats to everyone who did get their tickets though :)

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Post by Syn Morite »

How many of you would be interested in going to the Virgin Megastore to get your book? I'm currently working on getting an email address for the Marketing manager of the NY Virgin Megastores and I just want to know if there's even interest for a release event there.
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Post by fantastyfreak »

Well.. I'm definitely interested!!!!

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Post by genuinesmile »

Syn Morite wrote:How many of you would be interested in going to the Virgin Megastore to get your book? I'm currently working on getting an email address for the Marketing manager of the NY Virgin Megastores and I just want to know if there's even interest for a release event there.
i would totally be interested in that!

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Post by becca69 »

this is in times square?... yes, very interested!

[edit] i just called there and management was completely unaware of this event :shock: but they seemed grateful for the information.

i gave them a heads up that they would probably be getting lots of calls :D

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Post by wickedly_elphaba »

I would definately want the book at midnight! I don't know New York that well (I'm from Boston) so I figure if I couldn't get it that night, I'm sure I could get one at the airport on the way home.

Now I know people have asked this kind of question before, but do you think she would autograph anything besides the bookplates? I'm going with my mom and we're not planning on getting two copies of Breaking Dawn, so we were hoping she'd autograph one of the other ones instead of a bookplate......I hope so, since it's instead of, not in addition to.

If only they could do the signing August 2nd! Aw well, not going to complain, still completely AMAZING that I'm getting to go to this.

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