Forks in September?

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Forks in September?

Post by xv_CaitieCullen_vx »

Hey everyone!! I was wondering if anyone from this site is going to be heading up to Forks in September for Stephenie Meyer's Day? I was hoping to find some people to go with. So .. let me know! Thanks! :)

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Post by Bella_S_Black »

Is Stephenie Meyer day the 13th September? That's my birthday!
And as for going to Forks, haha, I wish 8)
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

I will be there, yes. I'll be hanging with my best friend from Vancouver, but maybe we could meet up and say hi? It's always fun meeting other Lexiconers. :D
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Post by AshleyNLavigne »

I'm trying to save up to fly out from NY, it'd be so awesome. And I'd love to meet up with some new friends.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

I might be able to go, but my friend probably cant go with me so that would suck.

I will for sure be up there in 2009 because Im taking an alaskan cruise & we are supposed to fly up to Washington 2 weeks before.
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I'm there!

Post by foreveryoung »

I'll be there for sure this year! I can't wait!!
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Post by Fire_Or_Ice »

I am going to beg my parents to take me.So yeah,I will be there.Haha.
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Post by IceoverFire »

haha Dude......that stinks........I go to school in Washington but wont be back in WA, until AFTER the 13th :( sad

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Post by IrishPrincess76 »

I wish that I could go....but that will only be the second week back at school with the kids and I don't get vacation time during the first or last months of the school year, barring some sort of emergency.

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Post by cullen_9 »

Psh, I wish. If I could drive, or had my own money, I'd definitely go. But, as for now, I'm 13, and my parents would says no.
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