Portland Host signing and MEETING Solomon Trimble, aka Sam

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Portland Host signing and MEETING Solomon Trimble, aka Sam

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Yesterday none other than author-extraordinare Stephanie Meyer decided to stop through Portland on her newest book tour. My friends and I have had our tickets for months... and were just incredibly excited we wouldn't have to drive up to Seattle this time to meet her. The doors opened at 6 and we couldn't get there any earlier than 4:30... the line was already pretty long, of course, wrapping around the building a bit... but not as bad as we'd been anticipating. It probably helped us that it was raining pretty heavily just a bit before that... but as we got there the sky decided it was done raining for the day and it was pretty nice.

We were all thinking poor Stephanie was going to think it was never nice weather in Portland... It had been 96 degrees just 2 days before she came, and 84 the day before... and then she comes and the high is 60 and it pours... She's already complained about coming here to watch them film the movie... that it's beautiful but TOO COLD for a native Arizonian... oh well someday she'll come by and it will be nice... Maybe she'll come back in August for her Breaking Dawn tour (the 4th book in her Twilight series)??? I hope so... I'd love to have all her books autographed!!

Anyway so we are waiting in line for a bit and suddenly I notice that people are kind of excited and taking pictures of someone towards the front of the line. We thought wow if Stephanie's here this early and walking around she's going to get mobbed. But no one seemed to know what the fuss was about back where we were in the line so we didn't think much of it.

We go in and get our seats... love the Bagdad theater, by the way. Got our dinner and drinks and a place to sit not too far from the front. We walked up to the podium to get a picture of ourselves with our books when we suddenly notice SOLOMON TRIMBLE in the middle of the aisle with a line of excited girls taking pictures with him.

Now I have to say I have been nothing but ANNOYED with how many people have gotten to meet actors from the movie, even people who live in other states who fly in to meet them... and I live in Portland and never had it happen for me. So when I saw him I freaked out a little bit. I insisted to Emily and Ashley that we MUST get our picture with him (Emily sees him at school all the time because they both go to the same college so felt really wierd about it, but I insisted) As we all got our pictures with him (he was incredibly nice about it too!!) I spoke up for the some what embarrassed Emily and told him they went to school together.. so he started chatting with her about it and insisted that she come up and say hi to him next time. It was pretty cool! My first picture with an actor from the movie! I'm so excited!!!!

Anyhoo -Stephanie came out and answered some pre-written questions. I was surprised how few questions were asked about the movie since it had been filmed here, though she did say she enjoyed coming back because she's been here so much recently. She talked a lot about The Host (and since I haven't read it yet, I tried really hard not to listen really carefully in case it gave something away) and her vacation she has coming up after Breaking Dawn comes out... Then we were called by numbers to go up and have her personalize our books, which I only basically got to tell her how happy I was she came to Portland because we drove up to Seattle to see her last time... she smiled and looked up at me and said something about how it was great to make it to this town this time... but the line moves really quickly so that was about all I could say to her...

Oh well, all in all I'm pretty darn giddy that I got to meet Stephanie Meyer again and that I got to meet an ACTOR from the movie! Can't wait for them to film New Moon... hope they use him for Sam Uley again because he's great!!!
I stretched my hand across the table again - ignoring him when he pulled back slightly once more - to touch the back of his hand shyly with my fingertips. His skin was cold and hard, like a stone.

"Thank you." My voice was fervent with gratitude. "That's twice now."

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Its really cool that you got to get your book signed,meet stephenie meyer, AND see an actor from the movie all in the same day. To bad there weren't any others from the movie there :[
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