Petiton! Please Sign!

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Petiton! Please Sign!

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Hey Guys,

I was trying to wait for Alphie to get back to me, but somehow I think I screwed up the message that I sent. So anyway, I wanted to get this out a.s.a.p. There is a petition posted on epetitons where we are trying to get Stephanie, Catherine and the gang on Oprah. We started it a couple of days ago, and we are up to nearly 300 signatures. I'm trying to get at least 10,000 before I bug So if you'd like to sign the link is below, and spread the news! Thanks!

Your petition URL is,

Thanks so much for participating.

(Alphie, I hope that this is OK to post this. :)
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Hey, if they do get on Oprah would there be a vid us Non US people could watch?
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I would sign it but my parents wouldn't allow me to put my last name on.

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I'd sign it too, but my parents dont want me putting my last name on, could it work with just my first name and last initial?
I really want them to be interviewed.
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i singed it and it said it would send me an email to tell me to verify it but i never got an email so i dont know if it worked
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