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Post by Gabbie »

I know,it sucksss!
I guess waiting 2 days for the book is a slight improvement on waiting 2 extra months for the movie. :roll:

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Ravel wrote:The bookstore people just don't understand. We NEED that book. And plus, I live on Internet so it's going to be real hard. I asked Mum if I could have a certain Monday off too...Oh, I live in Adelaide...I started this post and people are answering! I'm happy. Yep, that's the random way my conscience string's thing's along...
agreed...when i'm not sleeping, eating or at school...i'm usually on the internet...sad...i know...

but...we NEED THAT BOOK!!

almost everywhere else...people will be hyperventiliating/screaming/not breathing/possibly even suiciding because of something that happens in one particular book we won't get until 2 days after the rest of the world...
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Post by ixluvxEddy »

oooooh crap im not gunna be able to stay away from the comp! and knowing the stupid newspaper theyll put in spoilers like they did for harrypotter they put it upside down put it didnt stop me from reading them!
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Post by ~I have his silent heart~ »

Argh :cry: ... I will just have to have self control and not go on the the lex or the internet on those 2 days!!! I really think that it should be realised on the same day as everyone else... But still pumped for it coming out though!!!
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Post by little-freak »

you are complaining about two days? actually i would complain too if i was in this situation but: what about people who live in non english speaking countries?
we in germany for example had to wait six month and seven days for the german eclipse. so we have only two opinions: buying and reading it in english or staying away from the internet for half a year...what is impossible :D
many fans bought it in english, but then we had a nother problem: the bookstores didn't get the book august the 7th no they arrived august the 16th! and that in the whole country!
i was one of the smart persons and odered it by amazon. i was able to read while my best friend was freaking out (which was actually funny :D )

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Post by Jaq »

:evil: I Live in Australia and i think that it should all be the same day. :evil:
:evil: it's so unfair. :evil:
:evil: I will be so pissed off during the 2 days coz i wont even be able to go onto fan fiction, this and a ton more coz i will be affrade of seeing what it's about!!! :evil:
:evil: My family will hate me during those 2 days coz of how pissed of i'll be :evil:
:evil: AHHHHH :evil:
:evil: COMMON THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!! :evil:
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Post by SituationNoir »


I was also fooled into thinking we'd get it on the 2nd....-sigh-
I've been lucky as far as the other books went...I worked in a bookstore, so I could snaffle one the day they went out on the floor and hide it away somewhere...I'm in Canberra now though and not working in a bookstore...I do work in the Music and stationary department though! That includes books! Chances are the books might arrive before the 4th, but they'll be embargoed until that day. So...even though I can't get the book straight away...I might be able to stare longingly at the boxes.

Argh - talk about temptation!

I don't know if I'd be able to stay off the net either...Serious lack of self control here...>.<
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

I'm unsure about the UK date - it was to be the 2nd, and now they're saying it might be the 4th. I go on holiday on the 3rd, so that'll mean OVER A TWO WEEK WAIT.
I need to know what happens!!!!!
And I find it kind of unfair. The whole world got HP7 on the same day (UK author) why can't we all get Breaking Dawn - which is more important - on the same day too??

Come on!!

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Post by supportvampires »

i have resently heard that breaking dawn will be released on the 1st of august in aus. as they want it to be the same time as in america and we are a day behind.

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Post by Breathe Bella »

My pre-ordered copy is for a release date of August 1st also. And we are actually in front of the US timeline-wise, which means we will have it before them. Now that doesn't seem right to me ... but I'll take it! :lol:
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